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  1. Dude it was the orange bottle. Damn I wish I thought of this a couple months ago....
  2. Wasn't sweets..... I'm not a big fan of candy and I cut soda out of my life too..... Now that I think about it, the only thing that I changed was when I first started Dan's regiment, I shaved using the cleanser like Dan suggest, but then I switched from that and started using normal Gillet shaving Gel. The itch only happened right on my cheeks kind of right below the sideburns area.... Maybe that small switch in the plan is what caused the itching......
  3. Well I never blamed the regiment, and I didn't flip-flop in between products. I used Dan's regiment for a year of so. But at the same time I was lazy with it and I blame myself for that. I always used it in the AM but slacked using it at night. Only reason why I started using the proactive again was because for some reason my face started to itch about 6 to 8 months after being on Dan's Regiment. It was very weird, not too sure why it was doing this and to answer all your next question, no it wa
  4. Thanks for the feedback.... I forgot to mention that today I started back on the regiment, because I still have a bunch of the cleanser left, and big bottle of the moisturizer left too. I only have about a couple days left of the treatment so I will order more of that today. I haven't tried the jaba-oil yet but willing to try it out. So you think the cetaphil lotion is better than the moisturizer sold on this site?? Any other tips would be great if anyone else wants to chirp in.... This tim
  5. Hello, So I used Dan's regimen before and it worked ok, better than anything did before I tried it. The only down side I had with it, was my face always looked like it had a coat of something on it.... Made my face seem really shinny, almost greasy.... But it did work. Then out of now where my face started to itch. The itching only happened in the afternoon....very weird.... So I went off the regimen and started using my old pro-active crap, which made my face break-out so bad and now my face f
  6. Thanks for your input.... I would go see one but money is kind of tight right now, Im a fulltime college student, you know how it goes.....
  7. Hey whats going. Well I have always had acne, and about 2 years ago I started using Proactive and it seemed to work, but just not a clear face. Now about 5 to 9 months ago I noticed that my acne was coming back like it did before I used proactive. So about a month ago I called Proactive and told them it wasn't working and they sent me their Gentle Formula. It kind of worked but not really. Some days are good, but then most days are just the same as before... I always wake up with whiteheads, and