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  1. I'm in my 5th month of 20mg Isotretinoin and my acne has cleared up completely. My skin feels smooth, its clean and no new or old eruptions. BUT I still have tiny red marks on my cheeks. Will they ever go away? I've been using a kojic acid cream given by my dermatologist for the past 4 months. Those marks never seem to fade away!
  2. Someone please help me! before I goto my dermatologist someone please tell me how long will this burn take to heal? any quick remedies pillS? im more concerned about this than my acne! my acne looks better than this HAVOC benezoyl has caused!
  3. Okay I'm petrified right now! I have mild to moderate acne.. After tonnes of research I started to use benzoyl peroxide. Usually i just dab a little on the pimple and next day wash it. But 2 days back I had a sudden break out on my right temple, which is the smoothest and clearest part of my face. Now I might have applied a bit more of benzoyl than I usually do.. Next day that area was red... I though it would go away. Last night i again applied benzoyl (i know im a fool!).. and the pimples a