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  1. Thanks, I just got a brochure through the post from them and was tempted to try them out. My main concern is that there is no branch within a ferry journey of me so I don't know if their shades will be at all 1/2 way decent.
  2. I have 2 pieces of card that are a test to discover whether you are cool or warm, I'll try and find then and scan them in for you. If I don't essentially one is a dusky pink and one is a peachy orange. You hold them up to your face and whichever look better against your skin-tone tell your colour (pink-coolm peach-warm). The pic link isn't working for me to be able to tell for you but when I tried it, it transpired my sister was a warm but I was cool; so i don't think you can go solely on nation
  3. Is there anything that can fade redness quickly? I used Duac last night (has BP in it) went to sleep and now everywhere I put it has gone bright, bright red. I don't mean a slightly flushed shade of pink; i mean pillar-box red. Fortunatley the weather has been good recently so I'm currently using the 'touch of sun' excuse but I would really appreciate any advice on how to fade the redness (currently slathered in Sudo-cream and moisteriser). Also, if anyone has the time to answer I have a few
  4. I've never tried that particular mask, but I have had good sucess with other Lush products. If you ask in store they may give you a free sample (say you are unsure which to choose and they might give you several samples-I was given so much of the cupcake one it lasted for weeks)
  5. I'm a student and I spend about £10-£15 a week (about $15-$20 I think) on food; and I eat heathily on that. My advice would be to make your own food; it's not that difficult or time consuming (I usually spend about 25mins cooking dinner). It may seem expensive at first to buy all the raw ingredients but they'll last. Buy things like dried (wholemeal) pasta, rice, etc and keep them in a store cupboard. Things like tins of beans and lentils are also really good. Also don't be afraid of buying
  6. I highly doubt it. It may be when you are out and about you are getting more sunshine, and therefore more Vit.D which is good for the skin.
  7. Just thought I would share this recent discovery of my sister, I don't know if it has been suggested before. Well anyway, usually my sister and I don't share a room but this weekend at my cousin's wedding we did. She had much amusement at the sight of me smothered in Sudocream before heading to bed (hey! it works!). Once her giggles had died down she then told me that Savlon was a "miracle worker" for her; so as soon as I get hold of (i.e 'borrow' it from the medicine cabinet next time I'm home
  8. I would also recommend boi-ing because it really works and it isn't drying (it has aloe-vera in it I think)
  9. CelloIsLove, Seeing as you seem to appreciate orchestra jokes: What do you do with a dead viola player? Move them back a chair. What's the differance between a viola and a trampoline? You take your shoes off to jump on a trampoline. If you are in the desert and you see a good viola player, a bad viola player and an oasis which should you head for? The bad viola player; the rest are mirages. I have a friend who plays the viola, she loves it when I tell her these jokes And a little number j
  10. Hmm, there may be something in this but I don't think it's always the case. I had acne before I had braces.
  11. This stuff sounds great, I've been looking for this all over the place. I checked in Belfast (the capital city) and couldn't find it anywhere. Then I went to the tiny little corner shop in my village and spotted it. Only problem was it was behind the counter and the guy at the till used to bully me in school, not sure I particularly want to ask a bully for a laxative... I'll just have to wait until someone else is working the till *sigh*
  12. I was in primary school when I first started to get acne, so about 9 or 10 (can't remeber exactly) and I'm 20 now and I still have it. So more than 1/2 my life so far.
  13. Quoting Whitershade: Ahh it's so true. I'm also fair-skinned (my oh-so-endearing 7th grade nickname was "Albino") Yep, know the feeling. When I was in Romania the small children in one of the more remote villages grabbed me and started dragging me round shouting "alba! alba!" (which, i'm sure you could guess from the english word 'albino' means white). The rest of my team thought this was hillarious and didn't help me out. It's great being considered a freak