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  1. Right, well basically I've been struggling with pustules around my mouth for a few years. They hurt like hell sometimes, even when I'm just moving my mouth. I was on Dan's Regemin for approximately 15 weeks and it made no difference to my skin. So last week I went to the doctors and she prescribed me Zineryt to apply on the areas I get acne. Here's my log for me to keep track and for others to read. I started with Zineryt on the 6th August 09, I'm currently on day 4. I found that my skin f
  2. See, this didn't happen for me. I regularly get pustules (red, painful spots with pus-filled heads) around my mouth, and the regimen didn't clear them. It also didn't do anything for the blackheads on my nose.
  3. I bought some of that Dove Pro Age body lotion stuff the other day with has AHA in it, but there's no way it works as a spot cream, it's a thin lotion substance. Where can I get AHA that can be used as spot cream?
  4. I have a question about AHA: What the heck is it? I know it's Alpha Hydroxy Acid or whatever, but on the website Dan says to use a little glob of it on forming spots, which leads me to believe it's a spot cream. But I've read loads of posts on here that say it's a moisturizer or a cleanser. So what is it? How would I apply it to blast forming spots? And while we're at it, can I get it on shops or do I have to spend a bomb online?
  5. Here's some advice which I'm sure loads of other people will give: Stop using Panoxyl, switch to another brand. Panoxyl is cheaply made, so it will tear your skin to shreds. I was using it for 8 weeks and it the redness, dryness and stinging never actually died down. I've started using Quinoderm this week which is heaps better. It stings for like a few seconds when you apply it, but it dies down immediately. It doesn't leave irritate my skin, and the best part of it is that I don't need moi
  6. 12 weeks in and it hasn't got rid of my regular pustules. Clears them quicker in all fairness, but they keep on coming.
  7. When I say whiteheads, I'm actually talking about pustules, monster spots with pus-filled heads that hurt like hell! I don't know where to get AHA in the UK, any recommendations? Also, I'm a little confused as to how AHA is applied. According to the website, Dan uses a little blob of AHA as if it's a spot cream, but others seem to indicate that it's a moisturizer or a cleanser. How would I apply it?
  8. What BP product did you use before you tried Quinoderm? Thinking about it, if I decide to get back on the regimine later, I really don't want to go through the insane redness/dryness/stinging you get when you start, so I may give it one final try using this. Thanks.
  9. It doesn't work for me, simple as. I've been on it for approximately 11 or 12 weeks (I haven't updated my signature). While I've noticed little improvement, such as the tiny little spots disappearing, I'm still getting monster whiteheads very frequently, and my nose is still covered in blackheads. It's not as if I've done everything wrong as well, I've followed the steps almost religiously, and used the most recommended UK products I could find. Basically, I'm not confident staying on it any
  10. For the past 2 or 3 weeks I've had absolutely no problem with burning/dryness on the regimine, but since Wednesday the burning and dry feeling has returned. The only explanation I can think of is that the sun is causing this, as it has been really sunny here this week and I spent a lot of time outside on Wednesday. Am I correct in thinking this?
  11. I've been using PanOxyl 2.5 aquagel for about 8 weeks and my acne hasn't got better at all. It seems that this was becuase I haven't been using it often enough because when I apply it twice a day it literally eats my face. I bought BrevOxyl today and already I'm a lot more confident. My skin hasn't turned red or flakey, unlike the PanOxyl. Seriously, if you don't like PanOxyl, give Brevoxyl a try.
  12. I'm from the UK so I can't get Dan's, but I'm running low on PanOxyl so I'll probably switch to BrevOxyl or something. I do use jojoba oil with the moisturizer, I just haven't put it in my sig. To be honest, I'm beginning to think it's the oil that's giving me pustules, could that be a cause? Besides, moisturizer on its own seems to do the job.
  13. I did start with a very small amount of BP twice a day, and I gradually increased the amount. Right now using it just at night doesn't eat my face, the redness and dryness has stopped. However, even when I start using a tiny tiny bit of BP in the morning it'll start to eat my face again. My cleanser and moisturizer have been recommended all over this forum so I don't think that's the issue.
  14. I've been on the regimine for 8 weeks now (you can see my products in my sig). While I've noticed the little tiny spots have disappeared, I'm still getting pustules at the same rate I was before. I've stuck to Dan's regimine by gradually increasing the amount of BP I use. I've tried to start using a little BP in the mornings too, but it eats my face and I'm red throughout the day (seriously, I get people asking why I'm so red). Sudocrem, while has cleared spots on my legs, hasn't made a diff