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  1. ok last night i tried BP and now my face looks so sunburned!!!!!!!! It is bright red! I have no idea how to get rid of the redness so any advice would help thanks!
  2. does the fresh foaming neutrogena acne wash work as well? omg i am breaking out really bad and it has only been 2 weeks after accutane!
  3. hey yall i just finished accutane and i sware i am starting to break out again, grrr! bu what should i use as a cleanser and moisturizer routine now tha i am done? gracias
  4. what about dove night time moisturizer? has anyone used that?
  5. which cetaphil cleanser are u using the normal to oily cleanser, or he gentle cleanser? thank ya! and congrats about clearing up!
  6. hey this is sorta off topic, but i am on my almost 5th month ofaccuane and i'm still not clear! ](*,) i think that it is my cleanser, so what would u guys reccomend as a cleanser? AHHH thanks this is very frusterating
  7. Howdy all. I am on my 4th month of accutane and i am still not completly cleared. is this normal, because i am getting worried 8-[ anything would be helpful thanks in advance Sam
  8. what moisturizers should you use while on accutane?
  9. Should you put moisturizer on at night? wouldn't it make you break out? and if you do use a moisturizer at night, which one are you using? Thank ya mucho sam
  10. what kind of moisturizer do you use at night while on accutane?
  11. has anyone ever had a rash while on accutane. I have this rash on one side of my face which looks like acne but very close togther, but it itches and it is in clusters on my cheek. i am freaking out because i have school starting and i don't know what it is! if anyone can help it would be great thanks
  12. mine has been going for about :-k 2 weeks also, and its doesn't seem to be stopping anythime soon, everyday i wake up look in the mirror get frusterated, i'm even breaking out under my ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. opps sorry i posted in the wrong forum, but still will you guys help with this question?