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  1. I used to use Jojoba oil but I can't find it in stores anywhere in my town but we have a new Trader Joe's open now so I might check there! So for right now I use Purpose gentle cleanser for the makeup removal then I use my Clinique foaming cleanser. It might sound irritating cuz I'm using two cleansers but it's all I can do for now but I found no irritation with my own skin. I hope this helped!
  2. Oooh I strongly dislike the lower back ones...:doubt: I subconsciously itch there and eek! it hurts so bad All in all you have a nice back call me weird but I have a back fetish and yours is chiseled and...:shifty: I'll stop haha
  3. I naturally look sad and due to my 'bring out the brown' eyeshadow my eyes are extra EXTRA shiney hahaha. Sucks I'm not a sad person! or angry at that! >< my friends make fun of me because I got the 'puppy pout' look I lova looove puppies but...wtf!?
  4. I'm pretty sure your friend attracts the kind of woman you would not want. Both him and the girls you described seem like 'easy' targets if you know what I mean. Sorry for talking about your bud like that. but! if you think about it too much it'll feel like it's been forever since you've had a girl. You should concentrate on your goals with no worry of when she'll come along so you can sweep her off her feet.
  5. I'm sorry to hear you're in pain I've been experimenting a bit and dial antibacterial body wash cleared my back up nicely I'd say by 80%? &I'm trying a epsom salt bath tonite with some lavender essential oil have you tried these at all? also do you wear tight shirts? because those can make bacne worse I had that issue and now I wear really loose airflowy ones thank you Forever 21 hahaha I hope I helped you out a bit!
  6. aw sweet comment:) thankya

  7. You can do that or have a soft cloth soaked in a seperate bowl with a tablespoon of Sea Salt every 2 cups of warm water and lay the cloth on your face.
  8. All I know is Epsom Salt and Sea Salt are commonly used for body acne. I prefer Epsom Salt because they're much easier to find and come in bigger packs. Like a 5lb carton of Epsom Salt is only a few bucks from my local grocery store/drug store normally in the beauty supplies or next to first-aid kits. And with a few drops of lavender essential oil is a bonus.
  9. I must say. Pnay and irish.. very good mix. your adorable!

  10. I've dreamt that before. the only problem in my dream was when I slipped into some cute summer clothes I noticed my legs were hairy. then I woke up...xD
  11. I dance to my iPod pretending I'm at a night club because...I'm 16 and I can't go to one. xD but yeah! dancing my butt off hahaha.
  12. aw thanks for the replies. they're a big help. 8) I mean, I've gotten over the worst right?
  13. so I've been clearing up real nicely this year and I'm becoming very social. Hanging ooout, partying, etc. I was invited to a trip to Wild Waves and the weather was AMAZING!! I finally got a tan, rode rides, ate funnel cake! but close to the end of the day, 3 of my guy friends scanned me over and brought up "Sophia...you have severe back acne." SEVERE!? you kidding me!? My back is so smooth now I don't have a single zit on there. >< I know I have scars but they made it that much of a big
  14. that's pretty cool. i know i sound like a weirdo but i like acne scars on a guy ..they just look so manly and "HURR I'M A SURVIVOR" ish.. meh , i'm weird i guess lol. I reeeally wanna play that game! haha. and you're not a weirdo I find acne scars on a man attractive too! Mr. Darcy(Matthew Macfadyen) from Pride & Prejudice has scars and he's sooo handsome.