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  1. It was a discussion class, and we're all seated in a circle, so I couldn't just go like that. I don't like being late for the first day at work, that was why I was kind of freaking out. I never tried to wait for a class to begin. In fact, I was always a few minutes late. I stick out like a sore thumb trying to read my notes when everybody else's chatting merrily all around me!
  2. Weird, I think I tracked this topic but got no notifications by email! I think I remember why I had "My hands sweat, I feel tensed up, I feel like I'm trying to stop my lips from quivering. I can hardly control it. " It was during a lesson which went on and on after the time it's supposed to end and I'm anxious about running off to work on time. But well, I should tell my problem this way: Every time some person who knows me looks at me while I'm talking or sitting beside someone else (say
  3. My hands sweat, I feel tensed up, I feel like I'm trying to stop my lips from quivering. I can hardly control it. Sometimes when I look in the general direction of someone (but not looking at him/her, maybe someone else I'm talking to, or the instructor), I can't help feeling weird that I'm also looking at that someone. Particularly I can make people feel really uneasy with me, there's this guy I know who's my classmate, I just act weird around him for no reason and now he feels uneasy about
  4. I'm interested to know your results. Thanks!
  5. Thanks kaleidoscope. I drink plenty of soymilk though.
  6. Well. The actual thing was, there was this anxiety thing about me going on and I was worried sick about some stuffs those past weeks. I don't want them to know that since they are not really close friends. I'd feel embarrassed. Someone suggested that I just say one of my distant 'relatives' was sick and I was by their bedside all day. There's this thing with my anxiety. I want to tell someone else about my worry, but I always think that others have their own sources of worry stress and tension
  7. Nah nah, it was for the whole holiday, and I could trace my missed calls' caller ID, so there's no excuse for not knowing that they've called. I just need an excuse for intentionally not returning their calls/ receiving them.
  8. Truth is I just don't have the mood to pick up the phone or return the calls -- all through this whole holiday. I just felt down and worrying about some stuff. Any suggestions. Just for the heck of it. Please share.
  9. I remember seeing a diet/holistic health-related site about what you should eat in your diet (depending on whether you have acne on your cheeks/ side of face/ forehead/ etc. ) They also had the corresponding health conditions related to acne on different parts of the face. Can anyone help on this? Would really appreciate it.
  10. I read the above somewhere too, good advice to me. Though I'd have to be at least a certain distance away from the person I'm talking to (an arms length) just in case he/she thinks I'm staring down at his/her nose! For the first impression, a suggestion would be to look and remember the colour of the person's eyes (so they'll feel you're looking right into their eyes). Since you're concentrating on doing that, perhaps you won't feel so conscious of "eye contact" if you get what I mean.
  11. Think somewhere around the developing China. Not as bad as Beijing though, thankfully. Air filters are costly though as in I'd have to switch them on 24/7....and I don't know how much difference they'd make. Recommend a brand?
  12. The air pollution here's like "high" about three quarters of the year I think. I always feel that exercising here is spoiling my health instead of helping it. It doesn't help that my acne sprouted out ever since I came here, and I'm stuck here. Just got to try to make the best out of a bad situation I guess, but I just want some clean air to breathe in deeply and relax is that so hard...