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  1. I am in exactly the same position as you- 8 days in and a reallly dry flaky scalp. Try using Neutrogena t-gel, that stops the itching so you don't need to worry about anything. Also, try rubbing just a ting bit of jojoba oil into your scalp, that is also good at soothing. Also, I wouldn't worry about any hair loss. Ignore whatever Oli Girl says, especially since I find the idea of hairloss worries me- just remember this- whenever you get dry skin on your arms/legs your hair on your arms/legs is
  2. Good luck- what does did you say you were taking? we are starting about the same time, so good luck.
  3. @lebron- that's actually a very good point. But heh, at least i'll be Fat with a clear complexion. Day 7 = 1 week: Skin noticeably drier today. I bought some vitamin E and some B-complex vitamins yesterday. Heard they are useful, and also going to take biotin everyday, just in case I get any hair loss. I don't know if anyone else gets this, but I keep having mini-panic attacks (not actual panic-attacks, btu I do get a little worried) that accutane will make me loose all my hair, or that my s
  4. good luck man cheers for the support. where abouts you from by the way?
  5. Day 6: was fine. I keep getting paranoid about losing hair haha, I am not, but i keep trying to convince myself I am, which is so stupid, but meh. Skin looking a littel better, no luck as of yet with clearing up comedones and I also have roughly 10actives, btu fairly small- I think being on antibiuotics 6 months prior to accutamne really helped prevent an IB. But, having said that, I'll probably get a proper IB tomorrow. Don't you just love sod's law. Scalp still dry and itchyyyy, but less so
  6. started about same time as you, failry worried about side effects, and was a little worried that acutane might actually kill me in the first few days. Well, Day 6- and no real side effects other than a dry scalp- I feel just like normal! Anyway Good Luck- and does anyone know hoe to ease an itchy, flaking scalp?
  7. Day 5: Everything been fine so far, no real side effects, dry skin starting to kick in with lips. Skin a little worse. Side effects: Dry scalp. Basically, my scalp, it's really dry and itchy. Nice.
  8. Hey this is my log, just a way for me to document my own progress, share my experiences and get a little bit of support. Background: Had bad skin for as long as I can remember really, but started to get proper acne bout 18months ago. Topicals: Duac, BP2.5%, Skinoren, Differin Antibiotics: Erythomycin, Oxytetracycline, Lymecycline Current Condition: Not too bad, lots of red marks, billions of under skin pimples few spots and generally low self-esteem, combination skin- winter taking its toll
  9. This is a question directed to all of those who have suffered hairloss on accutane- did your hair shed at all pre-accutane? As in during the day would you notice hair shedding, or especially after washing and during blowdrying?
  10. Hi there been suffering with mild/moderate acne (just bout controlled as a result of antibiotics) But incredibly persistent- not clear in 18 months. Have been referred to A derm (which is quite tough on the NHS in the UK) but now have to decide whether to take accutane or not- Wondering what you guys think, especially seeing as i already have fairly dry hair (need to wash every other day at least to prevent it being an oil slick, but its always quite dry after i wash it), that it will be ok?
  11. Hi guys I am just wondering how you can tell when you are grwoing out of acen and when does it happen I don't wanna risk trying hard-core treatment (currently using oral antibiotics but they don't really work) like accutane if i would grow out of it anyway within a year or so? I am currently 16 and 6 months. Had spots since I was 13/14, but only really had acne about a year or so. Cheers
  12. Hi there for some reason or other (maybe the antibiotics i was given 4 days ago, not sure) my acne has cleared. I say cleared- I mean i don't have any big spots with pus like normal. But i still have loadsa comedones. has anyone tried dropping everything? Its worked fo rme with inflamed acne but what about non-inflamed? Cheers in advance
  13. Nivea Sensitive for men made my dry skin oily, wouldn't reccommend. I use Mooseturising Face Hydrator, it has an SPF, small amounts of AHA, but doesnt break me out. I reccommend.
  14. @nec2234: I think you pretty much summarised everything people go through with this regime. It simply isn't realistic to not wash at all. All of my friends, I assume have showers once a day, I say assume cos when i told them i hadn't washed in 3 days when i first started trying the regime they were disgusted! I have always wondered what would happen if we all just lived a few moths exactly like people without acne. One thing I have really noticed with this regime is how sensitive my skin reall