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  1. Bonnie, trust me when I say this, and take heart - the redness makes your skin look worse than what it actually is. The brilliant news is that the redness will heal -if you let your skin naturally recover the marks could take a few months to fade, but the good news is they will! Another great thing to know is that redness means your body is still healing, stilll fixing itself and remodelling. If you google the skin healing process you will find that skin can take years to reach the finish of
  2. frida 'special' K

  3. everybody is different. I used virgin coconut oil and ended up with two very large and painful cysts, but i also know of acne prone people who love vco...
  4. Hi Frankie, I think the reason for no replies is well no-one really has an answer for you. There is no smoking gun unfortunately - likewise people will respond to different treatments in different ways. From what I have seen, the most instant success has been achieved with dermal fillers, and I think $500 would be ample to get it done at least once. (as with everything some people have had no success either - search the boards for members who've posted about it) Unfortunately, my only real ad
  5. I too see great promise of a terrific final result! Congratulations!
  6. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter, but I am confident that she will never go thru the anguish you did - you sound like a supportive, loving, and caring mama. I completely agree with you about being proactive about her acne - we all know here that acne has a lot to do with genetics, and unfortunately your daughter seems to be on a similar path that you were once on. I do think 10 years old is too young for any stong medication, and I urge you to try Dan's products. I had a horror of a t
  7. Wangod - what the heck sort of reply is that? I understand the op asked for honesty but sheesh I think you've given honesty with a side of nasty To the OP - I completely agree with basically all other posters here (exception mentioned at top) Yes you have some scarring. Is it bad? NO. Would you be found attractive to a prospective partner? DEFINITELY.
  8. hapeeeeeeeeeee birthday for yesterday!
  9. Once that redness fades I doubt anyone will notice those very minor scars. My advice? Be at peace. p.s. I have a crush on your beard & hair...
  10. Can i just add a positive note - From my experience on these boards & from young teens I have known - being 15 is fantastic! Your body has a really good chance of leveling scarring. Having said that OP I do not see any acne scarring. Once that redness fades you will have lovely skin
  11. Good Luck Ylem! Im seeing my derm tomorrow about some sort of filler while im on accutane
  12. Alternativista, you are a credit to these boards.
  13. I LOVED all your replies. I laughed too about the risotto thing, it was so ridiculous! Jamesy & Omega you both have the mindset I so desperately wish to have 24/7. Sometimes I just fall in a big heap. Hence the rambling letter. Which I am so impressed anyone read really. Charlie, thank you for being there with me. It comforts me too, knowing youre out there, that Iam not the only one who thinks like this sometimes. Thinking about it, I definitely have triggers to my depression. When I am