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  1. 75% of acne scars are gone cause of 1week use of lemon and vinegar!!! i was lik omfg
  2. is this stuff any good? please reply!!
  3. this is the only kind of vinegar i can fid in my house!! will this stuff work like the regular vinegar?
  4. i noticed i have acne scars! they look so cool..kinda lik army scars!! its tyte!!! does anyone else lik their scars?
  5. vitamin C makes collegen. so wont it like get rid of scars?
  6. k i jus found dis stuff around mai house.. made by "fougera" ingredients.. 25mg of hydrocortisone in a base of glyceryl monostearate, polyoxyl 40 stearate, glycerin, paraffin, stearyl alcohol, isopropyl palmitate, sorbitan monostearate, benzyl alcohol, potassium sorbate, lactic acid and purified water. has anyone used dis stuff? will dis stuff mak me break out?
  7. hey. i have this zit that poped up like a scar and its hard. All my zits seem to com out lik ethis now. I dont even mess with it and it leaves scars. any help?????thankz
  8. ok drinkin milk is bad for u... milk contains "BST" bst is a horomone dat makz cows get more milk... thus creating more infections in da bladda..ahha well farmers use anti-bacteria stuff..so guess wutz in ur milK dat da FDA is hiding...horomones and anti-bacteria stuff..u kno u can get immuned to anti-bacteria(neosporin eTc)..so dat bad..cuz it dont werk lol duh! well u should drink soy milk..i got da one dat taste lik milk...well peace
  9. hey yo! i heard olive oil is good for the hair and the face. anyone here this too? well if ya did can u tell me sum stuff peace
  10. hey! does anybodi kno bout mink oil? i heard it makz ur face super healthy..
  11. i got a whole bunch of brown spots on my face. Does anyone how to get rid of these? will aqua glycolic work for me? ahhh..i hate scarz...
  12. hey Acne_victim! u kno excessive sex give u a bad kidney...accordin to Acupuncture theorys...
  13. ingredients 1.wild sesame 2.radish wut to do! 1.squezza the radishes juice into a bowl 2.break da sesame seeds into powder with (i used the handle of a knife) then place onto skin for 30 minutes. it worked for me. face feels extremely soft and some scars are gone check it out!