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  1. I've recently started taking Minocycline and it's finals time here at Texas Tech, which means all-nighters haha. Anyways, I just drank an energy drink and I have a feeling I probably shouldn't have. Does anybody know if there can be any weird effects while on Minocyclin? It's weird, it's kinda hard for me to think straight. Hopefully this will all wear off when the energy drink wears off in about an hour or so. haha Thanks
  2. Ok, I decided to keep my progress on file while on Tretinoin. My acne is probably mild/moderate right now. It's not too bad, but I've dealt with it for a while and am beginning to get really annoyed. I was previously put on Benzaclin about a year ago which worked wonderfully, but I went off to college and didn't really have access to it, so I just stuck with over the counter stuff like Clean and Clear. Surprisingly, that kept my acne at bay until February of this year. I'm not quite sure wh
  3. $174.99 for the cream with prescription (My insurance didn't cover it, so paid out of pocket). Not sure about the gel. I thought you needed a prescription to buy RAM. Lol whoops. I meant without insurance. Thanks guys
  4. Ok yeah, after searching around some more about the Tretinoin ream, I'm definitely going to switch over to the gel. This is really freakin' irritating that the stupid dermatologist prescribed me that stuff. UGHH! I wisshhh I would have searched around before I opened the stuff so I could get my money back -_-. Whatever, I guess I'll just have to deal. Thanks Languages.
  5. My prescription was like $30 something dollars cause my insurance doesn't cover it or whatever. How much does the Retin-A Micro gel cost usually? Without the prescription.
  6. The dermatologist at my University recently prescribed me to Tretinoin cream .025%. I've been searching the internet and this site and I'm pretty sure I have yet to see someone happy with the effects of the Tretinoin cream. I also read that the cream has an ingredient that can make acne worse. It's really frustrating to know my dermatologist prescribed me to something that could potentially make my skin worse, not better. Should I go back and ask her for a prescription for the Retin-a Micro G
  7. Holy crap, your skin does look 100x better. My dermatologist just put me on a regimen that consists of 100 mg of Minocycline twice a day, Benzoyl Peroxide wash in the morning, and at night a gentle cleanser and generic Retin-a Tretinoin .025. I've been researching Retin-a products online and I've got to admit, I'm actually really nervous about taking it. I mean, my acne has never been severe, it's just been mild and really annoying. I'm just tired of dealing with it. I guess since my dermat
  8. Ok, so I know you're supposed to take vitamins or whatever 2-3 hours before or after this med, but what about food? Are you supposed to wait 2-3 before or after this medication to eat? Thanks!
  9. Ok, I know this topic is really old, buutt i thought I'd try and see if anybody answers. My dermatologist just prescribed the Tretinoin .025 cream to me and I also recently found out about the ingredient isopropyl myristate that can irritate acne. I'm a little bit nervous to start because of this ingredient, but I tend to have very dry skin so maybe it'll be better than the gel? I'm not sure, but I guess I'll give it a try. Nikole69- I have some glycolic acid gel on hand too, should I contin
  10. Oh Lord, I was just prescribed Tretinoin .025% cream by my dermatologist and picked up my medication today. I wish I would have come across this topic earlier! That's so frustrating that the manufacturers would put an ingredient that can CAUSE acne in a treatment FOR acne. I just don't understand. It's really unfortunate because the dermatologist that prescribed this to me was at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas and I am now home in Dallas. Idk what to do! Oh Lord this is terrible lol
  11. Hi everybody! I'm new to this site, but I wanted to post a topic about the acne medications i recently received from my dermatologist. I am currently a freshman in college, about to be a sophomore in a couple of days! Anyways, I've battled acne for roughly 2 years, although, there was a period of that time I was mostly acne free. I started to notice my breakouts the DAY before the first day of my senior year in high school. I remember getting a huge pimple, and it all went down hill from the