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  1. I didn't hit the breakout wall until the end of my 4th week...and boy was it bad. A bunch of little ones everywhere, made my face so red I didn't want to step outside. 17 days and all clear? lucky you!
  2. I started on 30mg a day for ten days, then 50mg for ten, and then 60mg after that. I've just finished my first month, but man I am breaking out like mad the past day or two. Definately worse than the pre-Tane days. Given that I was on Mino for a month before I started Tane, and continued to use a combination of 2.5%BP cream at night and Netrogena Hydriant Mositurizer w/ 2% SA in the morning, I though I would be okay with the quick dose change and by-pass the breakout stage, but apparently no
  3. Does aquaphor have a taste? Or smell? Currently I use Blistex, and it kinda works. But I do want to know if aquaphor tastes funny.
  4. I have the exact same thing. Looks like a ton of blackheads (that are smaller than usual blackheads before my accutane days). I am also on the third week. Started from 30mg/day, now at 50mg/day.
  5. Sup guys. On my 12th day on Accutane, 40mg/day. Zits still present. Eyes are starting to get really dry, and lips have been peeling like never before. Slight headaches once in a while. All in all, pretty normal and nothing major. But the thing that irritates me the most is the nose bleeds. My nose feels very dry. I'm already using a humidifier in my room. Is there something I can use to ease up on the dryness inside my nose? What do u guys use?
  6. I was just prescribed adapalene...even though I asked for accutane. Will probably get the Differin gel. I just have one question: What is the difference between retinoid and retin-a, medically wise? Are they the same thing? Or is retinoid a stronger version and retin-a weaker? I'm not asking which is better, but what is the difference. Any MDs here wanna help me understand? Thanks peeps.