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    Swimming in ponds, frog-lighting, hunting, fishing, working on farms/ranches, bull riding (starting in a 3 weeks).
  1. Mike :) Long time no see.

  2. i miss you pming me**

  3. mike, i miss your pms of you pming me twilight quotes now ):

  4. when will i ever see you again?!

  5. Hey man, This is a sentiment that I see in the org a lot! Wanting to be a hermit is a common desire in the emo section in particular. I suggest that you ask her to do something, I mean you only have one life. If you let acne get at you and stop you from doing things, it will just turn into a repetitive behavior. Then where does it stop? People love to make excuses so they don't have to do things. It is only then when acne has truly won. You need to go and live your life as best you can. Live a

  7. Maybe possibly some type of group kick? If someone is being offensive, people could vote him or her out? To avoid abuse of this, we could work off a point system, as many, many forums do. If you have enough "respect" points, your vote to kick would count more. If we are all fair and reasonable people, this should work. I admit, no matter what you do, there will be those that break the rules, that is kind of inherent with a large site like this. However, I feel the majority of the problems would
  8. I said what I wanted to say in my longer post, I stated my case, what more can I do? I don't think I personally complained about it, just wrote what I felt. Also, I have bought quite a bit of stuff from Dan in my day, so I will always consider myself a customer. I would like to see this discussion continue in a constructive way, fighting and name calling will do the exact opposite of what your goal is. We are all adults or young adults, we should act like it(myself included, although I do falte
  9. With all due respect, I think it is clear he wanted his customers to give him their opinion aka feedback.
  10. I like that last point, Karla. The org serves just as much as a support group as it does an actual product and technique discussion board. Besides the lounge, what forum has the most posts in it?Emo. The org is a great place for support and friendship. I love it because it has people from all over the world, different ages, different races, different beliefs all in one place. I think the chat would be use in a better fashion if it is given a second chance.
  11. Dear Acne.org Team, I am just writing this as an apology as I can tell I am one of the main people being discussed, and possibly a strong contributing factor to the closure of the chat. I never meant for any of this to happen, I just wanted to have a little fun, nothing more. While I understand that the dialogue within the chat at times was a bit on the racy side, I feel that the majority of the users use the chat within the set guidelines. I don't believe it to be necessary to punish so many
  12. Sure, I acted out of line on occasion, but I feel that the members of this site deserve a real time response discussion system like the chat. I think you can ask most members of the chat what type of guy I am, and most will say at least a decent one. I know a lot of this has to do with me, or at least I feel it does, so if you have to yell at anyone, let it be me. Anyway you cut it, taking away the chat does take away from the community aspect of the org. The reason people come here is acne, t