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  1. I didn't even have a big zit and it gave me a indented scar. I can't beleive what i see when i look at my face. One dab of that stuff will leave u scarred, maybe 500$ to get rid of it ? What a joke...
  2. I started off with acne on my shouldars and some under the skin pimples on my forearms, so i bought some Neutrogena body wash and a body puff (i think) and ever since i've bee using it my acne has been spreading....I'm pretty sure i'm using the product correctly, i massage over the area and let it sit for a min or two....Thoughts ?
  3. My skin looks better since i've been using it (acne is going away), but if i'm getting red small dots from irritation i'll stop.....Thoughts ?
  4. I've been using proactiv's gentle formula for a month now, and i've been noticing red dots from pimples, and red dots where i don't remember seeing pimples....Could some of the small spots be caused be irritation ? What are the most common signs or irritation ? Thanks
  5. Hey guys, i went to see a derm the other day about my scars and she gave me Differin....She was very old and didn't explain how to use it, the box says "Apply a thin film to affected areas once a day". After reading more it says it's for acne and clogged pores, so will it work on scars ? I don't wanna make them worse.......
  6. Maybe i should take some pictures ? Im lost, i have NO clue on what products i should use.....
  7. Tell me about it.....I don't have one pimples on my face, and they're coming out of nowhere ? I'm using Clearasil Stayclear for sensitive skin, i apply it after i shower, then i use Nivea for men moisturizer.......Maybe my skin is rejecting them, my face kinda burns(feels warm and sensitive) here and there, and it's kinda red......I dunno what to do? But still why would i have scaring ? Maybe Microdermibration will help ? I called today and they said it will cost 400 for 4 sessions.
  8. Im pretty sure, the box cars are big, pores couldn't get that big, the ice pick is 1/2cm long and the width is around 1mm. Now i have a bunch of smal ice picks starting, and i know there gonna get bigger. Why ? I have no acne???????
  9. Not one person uses Clearasil 3in1 for sensitive skin ? I use that then moisturize with nivea for men moisturizer.
  10. I have no acne, never really have, i do smoke and have some wrinkles(smokers skin) Planing on having a chemical peel done now that i've quit(down to one smoke a day). Im 24 and have two box car scars on my left cheek and an ice pick on my right check, but if i look close i have new tiny ice picks scars all over my check. Could it be that i had bad chicken pox when i was a kid and there begining to show ? Maybe i have sensitive skin and my cleanser is causing damage ? My skin seems to be soft, b