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  1. I apply on my acne prone areas. Not a spot treatment though. And now I have small little pimples as well as a bunch of whiteheads and bumps. Crap its ib time. and my large lumps are hurting again and I think there's more...
  2. Thanks...but I get what I'm prescibed and it's working so far. Lumps are still pink and hurt to touch, but much smaller and less noticeable. I'm down to five. However bumps are appearing which means its working I think! Thanks...but I get what I'm prescibed and it's working so far. Lumps are still pink and hurt to touch, but much smaller and less noticeable. I'm down to five. However bumps are appearing which means its working I think!
  3. My face is a bit oily today, and the zits have a gotten smaller, but hurt and are reddish.
  4. Yay! My lumps are now flatenned. It's really weird. Unfortunately I still have brown spots on them and everywhere else. I don't know why, I've never really had scarring/hyperpigmentation before. It just started since last month or so. not pretty.
  5. So at least you can start having sex once you're what? 30??? Okay I'm a girl so this may or may not help. (so awkward) I haven't had sex for a week and my skin is less oily, but the acne remains the same. Oily=acne, so I guess it's good. I totally believe you are right. sex=hormone spikes. But seriously, it is impossible not to have sex forever. ( or until age 30/whenever you outgrow it)
  6. Thanks^ I have very oily skin. Sometimes its so oily it has a thin shiny FILM on it. <Only around my period and at the end of the day. Usually it's just shiny around my t zone, but it feels oily all over. I may start making this a weekly log after my IB. Just because I hear it takes a long time. But just to keep track I'll keep posting.
  7. You can put head and shoulders dandruff shampoo on it and it will go away after a while. i used it. It works, something about zinc. Anyway, I have this friend who has these huge deep scars (or maybe a birthmark) that covers her entire shoulder and upper arm. It's kinda bluish white tint and very thin looking. Horrible, maybe from a burn? I don't know. But even with these scars and blotchy red skin (she's very pale) she wears spaghetti straps. I used to feel self conscious with my acne, but then
  8. Wait: miscount. I went to the derm on the tenth. SO it is day 5. Yesterday I ate cheesecake one slice. Started the day with three doughnuts! I know, bad idea. But today my skin looks better. It burned to use my Triaz today, but lots of people had this when using Differin. I only have 6 lumps. Yay!!! (sarcasm) and my skin is a little oily. But thanks to scarring, in the normal light (not bathroom lighting) it looks like I have more acne than I do because of my brown spots. It really stinks beca
  9. The advice I've been given by friends who don't know about acne: Wash your face. Maybe you should see a doctor. "I DO SEE A [email protected]!!" Have you tried Proactiv? If you got rid of your oily skin it would go away! I use XXX spot treatment! Try it! Not helpful, but it's insulting even though I know they are just trying to help.
  10. I know. It's like the mistakes you made while you had low self esteem affect you today. And so does the low self esteem. I would say the best thing to do is go out with friends, try new things, ect. If I had clear skin I'd be so thrilled I'd go around partying all the time. The worst thing I could imagine would be the pressure and worry of it coming back.
  11. You could go and just show them that you are a fun guy. I know girls like their boyfriends' friends too. Like, they think they're a cool guy and maybe this way you can meet new girls and friends. You'd just be the cool fun guy and you will be under a lot less pressure than the ones on the "date" trust me.
  12. This is kinda an oxymoron. But if you can learn to be happier and not worry about it, less stress may clear you up some. You should be able to talk to her about it, and most likely she'll relate and support you making the whole relationship stronger. Do not let it effect your relationship or she'll be hurt too. If you explain it to her she'll be much happier you too.
  13. I know how you feel. My friends have great skin and I feel weird or bad going out with them. WORSE at sleepovers and such I have to do my routine or I break out so while they're in bed giggling I'm doing my acne stuff. But I'm still trying to work through. But according to here once you are done with acne you'll be a stronger better person. There's a few things you can do to make your face less oily. Try eating healthier, it makes the liver work better so less oil. and don't have sex (supposedl
  14. Ii'm using differin now too and it's been 5 days I think. i am pretty sure it's already worse. Do you think this is the IB?