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  1. I agree with noether, give it time and just cleanse/moisturizer, its possible to do overkill on your skin and cause it to get worse, so stick to the basics and be patient
  2. Stay strong saskiadarvey, everyone here is supporting you, have faith in accutane, it worked for me !! Goodluck
  3. No i dont have many scars at all, mainly redness, i went on it asap, literally a year after i decided i wanted it fixed i went to the derm and started about 1-2 weeks after.
  4. Why not ?? My derm told me if i knew i wouldn't be ale to take the pills to take two in the morning but have a big breakfast. ?
  5. Its not all about that dude, your missing the point, no one wants to socialize with a person who is negative, its your life though, live it how you want.
  6. Well theres nothing you can do, just keep taking them and time will tell, no amount of being negative about it not working will help, you're attitude does effect how your body works as well.
  7. Your supposed to take the bloody pill !!! Make it your goal to not miss one pill EVER.
  8. Step up your game man, over a 6 month period that is ~40g*20days = ~800 grams total over a 5 month period, that is a lot, just get the fucking pills down dude, take 2 at once if you have to... Stay consistent.
  9. HAVE FAITH !!! I was the same while on it, wondering if it would come back, so far im clear, have faith, you can't change how the drug works just trust it does.
  10. I didnt start seeing really good results for about 5-6 month stage, even when i took my last pill i had a pimple or two. Have faith and stick with it, i didnt miss one pill, a few weeks after i finished and i was clear. Goodluck, STICK WITH IT !!! Whats your dosage/weight >
  11. Dont let the fact that there aren't a lot of success stories about accutane here. I finished my course in January, and i stopped coming here, Its an amazing drug, and yes it was hard in the beggining but im a lot happier now, the results were amazing, it took some time to kick in but i had faith Here is a pic of me today, ill get a pic up of what i used to look like HAVE FAITH EVERYONE !!! If you have any questions about it, dont hesitate to ask, i was on my course for ~6 months and in the e
  12. I didnt have any cystic, i only had pretty bad acne on my face and back, both are 100% clear
  13. Ok, heres another pic after i have used the aloe vera for 1 night, if you cant tell im pretty tired and bout to head of to uni http://img45.imagevenue.com/img.php?loc=lo...ge=87899_me.JPG I think the redness has gone down a bit BTW this should add promise to the people on accutane, i was skeptical at the start but stuck with it, so far i haven't had a pimple, im hopeing it will stay that way, it was hard while i was on it, but i got through it fine. You will find most people stop coming here l
  14. Thanks Im going to put on some aloe vera now, i might even just put it on one side of my face to see how the effects since i have no acne This can be an experiment for all