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  1. Best Medication! Good step down from Accutane

    Clearer skin No need for topicals Going to the bathroom a lot Expensive without insurance I started getting really bad skin in high school and I went through all the usual motions of trying everything and not getting results. After I went on birth control, my skin definitely got under control but every once in a while I would get terrible terrible cysts that were so big they would leave giant purple marks that would almost look as if somebody had struck me across the face. At a point
  2. I've heard a lot about the sun actually making acne worse, and I know that Dan says that a bit of sun exposure or vitamin D is good but a lot of sun is bad for your skin. I understand the whole cancer thing, and how that's bad for you but what is it about the sun that makes acne worse? Nobody has ever explained that to me.
  3. So I have this shirt that I love, and I'm not sure if I got deodorant or BP on it, but the last time I got BP on a shirt I tried to wash it right away. I thought I had all the BP out but when it dried it looked like a HORRIBLE tie-dye job. So how do you guys wash your clothes when you get BP on them? I understand it will probably get bleached a bit, which is fine, but I'd rather not have the ENTIRE shirt bleached. Should I just pop it in the washer with the rest of my clothes, or should I ha
  4. Why do you wear makeup when you work out? That doesn't make sense to me.
  5. 1. Bar soap is awful. Soap has... all kinds of sulfates and awful drying ingredients that ALWAYS work against your skin and cause more problems than anything else. Please go buy yourself something for acne, like Cetaphill or... Anything that isn't a plain bar of soap. 2. Sugar. I know everyone says natural is the way to go but I never liked the idea of putting food on my face--though I'll admit I was obsessed with it for about a month or two. You don't need to exfoliate everyday, only once a w
  6. It might be from exercising. I'm guessing you're a guy from your username, but if you're a girl it might be related to your menstrual cycle. That's usually where girls get acne around 'that time of the month'. I would say to just go to the derm and get some cortisone injections. If the retin-a isn't doing anything I'd suggest letting a professional deal with the problem area, clear it up for you and then you can go about your merry way. I think the retin-a is still working, because it's just
  7. Um, it sounds to me like it's an infection from the combination of you picking at it and the burning it with hot water. The toothpaste thing is just a big myth. Some people say it works, but why use toothpaste (keyword being TOOH here) for your acne when you can use something clinically proven like oh I dunno... benzol peroxide? If it's just a scab I say leave it, put some neosporin on it and STOP PICKING. Seriously. That's where your problems are all coming from. My uncle started picking a z
  8. ^^ Go get some cortisone shots! They are... god in a bottle. Seriously. My mom took me to the derm yesterday for some extractions and injections. And it's all pretty much gone now I also realized why I broke out. I cleaned my room like a week ago, and I (like a dumbass) sprayed my entire bed AND pillows vigorously with Febreeze. WAY TO GO ME. I'm thinking with some new sheets and a whole lotta love (I covered my mirror with a hello-kitty blanket) my face will be in tip-top shape for prom.
  9. Yes they did my dear. In fact, my friend told me that in the olden days, people thought that those suffering from severe acne were lepers! So they were cast off to leper colonies where they eventually caught leprosy and died I was like thanks. That lifts my spirits. Haha.
  10. This morning I was very optimistic. I thought I looked pretty good, and I said HECK, I'm not gonna wear makeup to school today. Bad idea. After gym class, my face was sweaty and my medication was rolling off and it looked nasty. I had no choice but to wipe it off and reveal my acne. I made it to third hour. About 15 minutes. Before I had to excuse myself and go to the bathroom to cry. I was crying so bad that a girl went and got a teacher because she was so concerned. Luckily it was my art
  11. ^ THAT'S BAD. lol. But you're clever. Duck-tape them on? Haha. Just wrap it really tight around your wrists. Actually I did that for a halloween costume and my gloves were really hard to take off... There always has to be some kind of self-control involved. Everything we do to our bodies, we do choosingly.
  12. So I just started doing this, I hope it's not something everyone already knew about. But I found that a GREAT way to not pick is to wear gloves. That's right. Get yourself a pair of Mittens, and wear them around the house. Or, a fluffy pair of ski gloves that keeps you from moving your fingers nimbly. So far it's been working for me. Another idea for girls, is to paint your nails. Take your time. Paint your nails as good as you can, designs, jewels, do the whole shebang and LOVE them. Make
  13. This is a stupid idea. I go to another forum and The Caveman Regimen has become super huge. Like everyone is doing it. First of all, the Caveman Regimen is just the name it was given, it in no way is implying that cavemen didn't wash their faces, though we can easily concur that they did not use acne medication to clear their faces, which brings me to my next point: The caveman regimen, is the idea that you don't wash your face with any skin-care products. The point of it is NOT to leave you