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  1. That's not proof. We live completely different lives with hundreds of variables. Personally i'm not convinced that water temperature really has a long term affect on redmarks. Like james said, its gonna take a "fuckload of time" no matter what.
  2. "Using water thats either hotter or colder than your skins temperature will only prolong pigmentation issues." Is there any proof of this or is this just your theory?
  3. Ha well i don't mean those things exactly. I just mean normal chores in the morning. I know he has some and can get them to fit well with the regimen. He did it before. He can do it again. Just imagine how much time girls spend getting ready in the morning even if they don't have to worry about acne. Us guys still got it easier.
  4. It really isn't that time-consuming. Especially in the morning. You can always eat breakfast, make lunch for the day, read the news, etc. in those periods of time where you have to wait for face or bp to dry.
  5. I think if you check the products reviews and then click on 'acne.org benzoyl peroxide treatment' you will find how well it has worked for people or not so well. But it has great reviews. Plus there will be more details about what people like about it, what they didn't like, and if they recommend it.
  6. Yeah i figured thats what i'd hear. Can't hurt to ask tho.
  7. hey i just started the regimen. literally. but i was wondering if it was ok to use tea tree oil with it as a spot treatment even tho i just started the regimen. anyone know? and if so, do i apply it before or after the bp, or after the moisturizer? (not sure if this belongs in this forum or the hollistic treatments forum)
  8. yeah like how does cold water strip oils away more than warm water and like craigeroo said, the cleansers would do that anyways. But i always use moisturizer anyways. and so do you use warm water now and still have red marks? is that why you think cold water makes them last longer? if so, you can't know for a fact that those red marks would be gone now if you had always used lukewarm water. im all about facts. not trying to be rude anything. we are all in the same boat.
  9. Alright i agree with you. I just don't see how cold water could have a worse effect on your skin in the long run like Fraz_2010 say because he doesn't know that his skin would have been better if he had always used lukewarm water. But hey if he does know for a fact then i'd be happy to listen!
  10. It seems like its pretty split here. Some people think cold water is horrible for you skin. Others think its fine. Idk what to think but is there any proof that either is actually better or worse for your skin?
  11. What about Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets? I use these when my face is really oily and its much more convenient than a towel. There are days in class where i'll go to the bathroom to just wipe my face off with one of these. Its a quick fix. They mean seem kinda girly but guys get oily skin too (thats why i'd run off to the bathroom to use these.)
  12. Have you tried repairing the relationship between you and you're mom? Just sit down and talk to her about how you wanna be closer to her and then perhaps discuss how popping pimples is bad and how you want to get you're haircut, etc. Crying helps too!
  13. Yeah ya'll really are scaring us! Oh well i'm gonna try it anyways.
  14. Ha wow i thought i was one of the only people who fantasied about this. Before i had acne i was kinda like her. I probably would have never dated a girl with acne because i thought it gross and pointless. That you could just use Proactiv and then your fine. But now that i'm on this side i think bout the same thing. People who have never had acne could never understand how difficult it is to deal with physically and emotionally. But i'm sure she has her "acne" too. I'm sure she has some flaw she
  15. I do the same thing. Idk why. Its like i start see clear-ish skin so then i just got crazy and try to hurry it up or something. Whenever i catch myself doing this, I just tell myself no. That i'll just make it worse and to walk away. Its hard but you just gotta get control over yourself. That's bout the only thing you can do. And avoiding the mirror helps too!
  16. What bout Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15? I haven't tried it yet but i plan to. Cetaphil has good products at reasonable prices. It shouldn't break you out. I can tell you whenever i try it but idk when that will be.
  17. I've used this stuff and i wasn't impressed. It stung almost every time i put it one and didn't reduce much redness. I think Cetaphil has much better moisturizers.
  18. I'm pretty sure it is a cyst. You've said that you cannot even imagine messing with it therefore you probably haven't and for a pimple to get that big and inflamed without being messed with is most likely a cyst. I get them sometimes and that's what mine look like. Just follow what Wynne told you to do. That's about all you can do unless you have a dermatologist you can quickly go to for a cortisone shot.
  19. Are you sure your diet even caused your breakouts? And there is pretty much no way to figure out what exactly caused you breakouts because it could be just one little thing that's causing it but its probably a combination of a few. And those pimples could have been in the making up to a month ago. Sorry that i'm not being a big help. Do you have a regimen though? That would be helpful info to try to figure out whats wrong.
  20. The egg white face mask isn't really harsh. You can probably use it every couple of days. It might make your skin really dry though after a while so if it does then, yeah, back off a bit but if not your good. It never irritates my skin, just makes it flaky if i leave it on too long. Good luck!
  21. Alright thanks everyone for your help! I'm gonna go for it. But i just gotta get my mom to let me. Any ideas on how to convince her that this treatment is different from all the other ones we've ordered before online?
  22. They sound like cystic pimples. I get them. And nobody is completely sure what causes these. It could be a hormonal imbalance but its probably a variety of little problems that create these things which turn into big problems. I'm a guy so idk much about the pill. In the U.S. you can go see a dermatologist if you want. No recommendations or anything. Sorry you don't have that freedom but did you talk to your doctor and tell her how bad acne is taking a toll on your life? That should work but if
  23. Idk much about aspirin masks but have you considering an egg white face mask? They work well for me and they're cheap. Plus you can get eggs anywhere. They also have better reviews/ratings. But if you do try it don't leave it on more than 30 minutes. I left mine on the other day for a couple hours and my face is still extremely dry but otherwise they work great. Also i recommend baking soda masks but these can be a bit harsh especially since you said you have sensitive skin so I'd suggest the eg