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  1. Nothing about this site has scam written on it. I dare you to compare this site to proactiv or murad. They're completely different from this site. Why are you here if you think its such a scam?

    People come here so much because acne takes a serious emotional toll on us. Even people who have clear skin now still come here to help out other people. And even if acne is gone many people still have scars/redmarks which is just as bad as acne.

    What makes you think doctors know everything? They don't tell you to use that much because they don't know about its effectiveness. Plus they want you to buy from them. They're more of the ones with the scam if anything. Plus check dans blog. He says how acne has been around forever. Well why hasnt doctors come up with a cure yet? So obviously they don't know everything.

  2. I just read about how Dan recommends taking vitamin d supplements in the blog. I know he also takes fish oil. Why not just take cod liver oil since it has vitamin a and d in it which both apparently support healthy skin? Why does he take fish oil over cod liver oil? Anyone know?

  3. I have good news and bad news... The good news is that i just realized that i really don't have any acne right now. The bad news is that what i thought was acne is actually redmarks. Overall idk if this is good or bad. I guess its good cuz i know the regimen works for me but the redmarks are probably gonna take forever to go away. Fol. (f.our.lives)

  4. Jeremy11- Yeah i also plan on changing my diet a little. Well not really, i just plan on taking zinc and cod liver oil to help.

    Yvieve- My skin sounds like its following in your skin footsteps. Which is awesome. And i haven't heard much bout the regimen losing its effectiveness over time though which it better not. I have high hopes for this regimen.

  5. Thanks guys. And I was looking at the sheet before and was so confused that i didn't match up with it at all. And i hate when moderators post links to other parts of the site as if i haven't been there already. I've been to and checked out every nook and cranny of this website. I'm posting here to get personal responses. And the more the better.

  6. I was researching natural treatments for acne and I came across something called guggul. Its a made from the sap of a tree native to India and have been used for thousands of years for various reasons. I came across a study that showed that it is just as effective as the antibiotic tetracycline. I've never heard of it until today which makes me pretty skeptical but i might just have to try it. Ever hear of it?

  7. I've been on the regimen for one month exactly. For the first two weeks everything was going amazingly well. I thought I was going to be clear in just another couple weeks. But i was wrong. Its been all downhill since then. I'm gonna stick with it and hope that it clears up completely soon. Anyways, how long did it take for you to get clear?

  8. I've been on the regimen for just over two weeks. So far its been going well. The only thing i don't like is the moisturizer. It works very well but it makes my face oily and makes my red marks glow. After the BP dries my face looks so smooth and calm but when i add the moisturizer its like flipping on a light switch for my red marks. Anyone else have this problem or know another moisturizer that won't do this?

  9. Haha well i can't top "CursedSoul's" story so i won't even try. But people are extremely selfish. Even the most giving people you may know are still generally pretty selfish. It's human nature. Survival of the fittest. So people don't care about you as much as they care about the way you make them feel. Just think about it. Girls are going to care more about how you make them feel when they are with you than how you look. Many guys at my school who are considered cool or popular aren't even that good looking. I look at them and think "whats so cool about him? i'm better looking than him even with my red marks". But the thing is girls don't like them cuz they are attractive. They like them for who they are. Funny and outgoing; simply entertaining. Being attractive is just a plus. And if those girls like you for you, then you have nothing to worry about. As long as you don't let that acne change who you are.

  10. I start school Thursday. I'm nervous as hell. I'm practically clear now but like you i have a bunch of red marks so i still feel just as bad. If people ask you about it, then just call them out on obvious insecurities. Or you could always just explain to them how it sucks and how you try hard to get it to clear up and fade. Usually making people feel bad by telling them emotional stuff works a lot better. And then it makes them look like the bad guy. I don't see why you can't mix the bp together though. Its still the same stuff. But good luck and just know you're not alone. Even though you may feel like it. I always do in school. Everyone talks about how teenagers always get pimples and stuff yet i hardly ever see anyone in school with acne. Wtf. Oh well. I suppose everyone has their insecurities. They just don't wear it on their faces like us.

  11. I'm sixteen but i'm avoiding getting a job at all costs just because i'm too nervous about going in for an interview. I'd have to sit there and let someone judge me to see if i'm right for the job. That's not easy, especially with acne. But i'm starting to clear up so i'll have a job soon! Idk what i'll do if i break out bad once i have a job tho...

  12. Ha well i don't mean those things exactly. I just mean normal chores in the morning. I know he has some and can get them to fit well with the regimen. He did it before. He can do it again. Just imagine how much time girls spend getting ready in the morning even if they don't have to worry about acne. Us guys still got it easier.

  13. I think if you check the products reviews and then click on 'acne.org benzoyl peroxide treatment' you will find how well it has worked for people or not so well. But it has great reviews. Plus there will be more details about what people like about it, what they didn't like, and if they recommend it.