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  1. i used to be on the regimen and my skin was dry as hell!! im now on differin and my skin is so oily! like i fill three blotting sheets with oil! i use the mary kay oil controling lotion and it works and moisterizing and keeping skine and oil awhile for a while!
  2. okay tanning is not bad! i just started in a bed, and my scars look better, give it a try! and if you get a base tan in a tanning bed, you wont burn outside as bad. go for it, i was really scared to a first, but im glad i did!
  3. do you think i should go natural?? i have cystic acne! does that work for cystic acne?? please help! im desperate for help!
  4. i hate being white!!! i wana tan with out being on this shit!
  5. do you think i should just use like cetaphil cleanser and acne.org aha???
  6. i totally know were your coming from!!! going to the hair dressers is terrible i cancel half the time because i look so bad! and before school i use to cry because i looked so bad! being fat with acne is the worrst ever! i have very low self esteem! i used to be depressed about it! i got over it because i relised you only live once! so just be happy and dont care what others say of you! if your ugly who cares, if your positive and fun to be around people will look past your acne! i know its eas
  7. hello everyone okay i need some serious help!!! okay right now my regimen consists of: 2 minocycline a day Morning: Acne free purifying face wash Mary kay toner #2 mary kay oil control lotion Night: Acne free purifying face wash Mary Kay toner # 2 differin on cheeks (were cystics are) acne.org benzoly peroxide on forhead and chin The reason i only put diffrin on my cheeks is because i paid 187 for it, so i have to use it in little amounts and i decided to just use on cheeks and bp on forhead
  8. hello, i was just wondering if anybody knows of a good moisterizer with salicilic acid in it. i was thinking about neutrogena or clean and clear? any recomindations that could be bought at like walmart? thanks
  9. ok i was wondering if you could like go to the doctors office and they could tell you if you have a reaction to like milk n shit? caus like i go to school and stuff and i go to peoples houses for dinner i dont wana be gay and say o i cant eat dairy because of acne and i cant have soy or whole wheat ya know
  10. thanks for your opions. im def not gonna buy it.
  11. wait ive been havin gluten and dairy my whole life and it doesnt seem like allergic. okay so do you think i should not have dairy for a week see how that turns out. then the next week not have gluten?? or should it be 2 weeks?? or longer
  12. def buy cetaphil i like it because it clenas your face good without drying it out real bad. diffrent things work for diffrent people maybe you should experiment with both.
  13. the only show i see that people have acne is the secret life of the american teenager otherwise everyone is soo damn beatutiful. like on dsiney channel selena gomez has the most amazing skin ever.
  14. go to walmart or walgreens they have it.
  15. Hi everyone i was wondering if anyone had success with the Clearasil Ultra 3 step acne kit. im thinking about buying and just want to know your opinion on it. thanks