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  1. Thanks for the tips guys! I really appreciate it, Im gonna look into sulfur, hopefully itll do the trick. BRAZZY- Do you use the acnomel as a spot treatment then or all over the face???? Ive been to the derm and they gave me retin-A and stuff like that but I always felt like I was just putting water on my face (it was never really effective), unlike the BP i really felt like it was actually doing some work, too bad it was the wrong kind of work! If neone has any more suggestions for us
  2. Thanks for the warning! i might be allergic after all, that would at least explain the puffy face and rashes on my hands, i thought it might be from Dans moisturizer or cleanser. So then if your allergic, are there any alternatives then BP that worked miracles??? Im desperate for an alternative solution! thanks!!
  3. So around my first month of BP. And its not dry or flaky, but ITCHY AS HECK!!! I have Dans moisturizer and Jojoba Oil but STILL UNBEARABLY ITCHY, I cant even sleep at night with out itching my face.. is this normal? anyone else have this problem? Solutions?? Thanks for reading!
  4. what process did you find successful with the regimen exactly? just BP once a day?
  5. I think I'm getting rashes from Dan's moisturizer, anyone know any other Non-SPF Moisturizers that work well with the regimen??? (Preferably something I can buy at local stores) Been looking around the site but it seems like no one talks about non-spf moisturizers for the face besides Dan's stuff..... MUCH APPRECIATED!!
  6. Thanks guys, i guess ill try to keep everything away from my eyes and just hope it goes away
  7. Anyone experience smaller, puffier, and tired eyes from using the regimen? Also a little plumpier cheeks? Howd you solve it?!
  8. I started about a week ago Acne is almost all gone and skin feels pretty smooth I had to find a strong enough moisturizer to deal with the excess dryness but its weird how my face turned from normally oily to sensetive/dry...BP must be a pretty strong drug and im only using about a HALF a pump of BP now cuz 1 pump was too strong!!! Anyways everythings good except ONE THING! When I wake up from my 7-9 hours of sleep, I wake up with a face that feels tired and a little dry/tight AND the wors