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  1. my package had arrived today also got lucky no duties/taxes
  2. Well I've been using acne.org products for about a year now and just a couple of days ago I had a problem with one of my orders. I ordered 2 Large Kits and when they came the bp tube had been snapped and bp went all over. Moisturizer also had some spillage I emailed Dans support and Travis had helped me. They are resending the bp and moisturizer tomorrow - no charge , plus an extra tube so I can use the leftover product from the spilt ones once again thanks for the great service!
  3. Its still in the works. I heard anywhere between 6months - 12 months
  4. Hard to explain the smell but its good no worries lol
  5. Well I tested the new upcoming moisturizer for Dan and I gotta tell you its awesome More moisturizing than the current formula and theirs no sting!! The formula is of a yellow color because of plant extract I think it was that Dan added. Sorry I dont remember the name You guys will love it!
  6. Yup sale was also on here in toronto , ontario so I got to pickup the last few bottles ! Great price! Has anyone ever used the cleanser dermajel its from shoppers... Is it also good? Causethey had a sale for that too
  7. Hey well today I was planning to place my order for these products 1 16 oz Cleanser 1 16 oz BP I checked out no problem and I saw that the First Class International Mail option was their and it wasn't that expensive.... I decided to bulk up on the products so I decided to grab another 1 16 oz cleanser and @ check out the FIRST CLASS INTERNATIONAL MAIL option was gone... They only had the expensive option there... Why is this? Then when I removed the 2nd 16 oz Cleanser First class interna
  8. Is this more effective? Or does it affect the BP in a negative way?
  9. noone from here really knows , personally i think it is dangerous but you should ask your doctor or just stick with the RECOMMENDED DOSAGE!
  10. WOW! My package was shipped out via USPS PRiority mail 1-3 weeks since I didin't want to deal with UPS and their stupid brokerage fees and I just tracked my package and its down the street at the Post Office ! Am gonna go pick it up right now !!! this is just crazy the package got shipped out 2009/05/11 10:27 am and its already here ! THANKS FOR THE REPLACEMENT DAN!
  11. No need to repost every couple of mins man send Dan an email at [email protected] and let him know you have the #9007 batch
  12. r any of u who received replacments from canada ? cause i was concerened that UPS will charge me so i decided to change shipping method