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  1. Never an official diagnosis. After 4 rounds of chin peels (salicylic acid 20%) - 3 of which involved extractions - I am still working to stabilize things. I do think the peels helped, though I had an "ugly" period about 1.5 weeks after each peel. I continue to have these tiny bumps that come up and form whiteheads, then I extract them, they go away for a bit, and they seem to come back. I'm able to pull "plugs" out of some of them instead of popping. After my final peel (at least for a whil
  2. I'm trying to trust the derm... Another peel coming up this week, and I'm getting extractions this time. My skin looked okay for a few days before the peeling started post-peel last time, then the peeling dredged up tons of zits and colorless bumps. They're going nowhere and continue multiplying. Now I need those extracted, plus another peel to help them heal and dredge up more closed comedones, I guess. It's all so confusing! Is there an end to this, or am I just making it worse? Thanks f
  3. Thanks so much for sharing! I am 90% a hermit right now because I can't bear the way I look / can't go out in public without feeling horrible. Alternating Retin-A and Finacea every other night, but I've already had to take one night off due to irritation. I'll have to do the same tomorrow night. Too much raw, red skin. Finacea is on tonight, and even though I'm not supposed to anymore, I'm spot treating a few bumps with Elidel. I have several new ones, despite not wearing makeup for the past wee
  4. Saw the derm today. (Side note... She said that Clotrimazole makes people's skin look better because it's moisturizing and soothing, not because they necessarily have a yeast infection on their faces. In fact, very few people do have an actual yeast infection. Just FYI to all who have experienced improvement with Lotrimin or another antifungal cream. So much for that.) She fussed at me for not following her instructions earlier this month, but I told her I couldn't shake things up so much r
  5. I don't know if anyone still follows this, but things are seriously worse than ever. Extractions and injections don't get rid of the bumps. They keep coming back in the same places, and then they spread. They never fully go away, even if they diminish temporarily. I've tried using Clotrimazole instead of Retin-A or Elidel on my chin for the past week, and it's quelled the rashy areas temporarily, but I've ended up with spreading of the rash and even a couple of painful cysts in return. The
  6. So. The scabs healed, but guess what? All the pimples she extracted are now back, and I have way more pimples than I started with. I also have ugly red marks everywhere. I flipping give up. I will never get those procedures done again.
  7. Thank you!!! Seriously, I just need loads of positivity at this point. I hate that she didn't fully get at least one of these comedones, so it's still working it's way up to the surface. Ugh. I also, of course, woke up with a couple new spots on my cheek. Adding insult to injury! I never break out there, so I assume it's from crying. Just loading up on fluids to try and cleanse the skin, too.
  8. I am on Minocycline already, so I'm sure that can't hurt. I went in to see the nurse (eh, LPN) at the derm's office this AM. She said everything looked normal, and the yellow-green discoloration was just platelets, not infection. Fingers crossed that I continue to see improvement... A few scabs lifted off pretty easily when I washed my face this morning. Now wearing a beard of Biafine and trying not to look!
  9. Although I appreciate the advice, WelcomeSmirk, it's a bit late for that now. Not very helpful.
  10. I have huge, raised, green scabbing on some areas. Also have red/brown scabbing on other areas. I can't wait to call the derm's office as soon as I wake up. Thanks for the input and support because I'm losing my mind. I used Elidel, which I'm sure helped with redness, but this yellow-green issue is very concerning. The scabs protrude so far. I haven't picked a thing or washed my face. I think the chemical peel spot treatment was fine/will be fine, but the extractions murdered my skin. Help? She
  11. I'm going to try Elidel, and I'm calling the derm in the morning. So many scabby wounds. I'm hoping that someone can instill some hope here and say, "Hey! My face always look like that after extractions and a peel!" I've not been able to find anyone who has said it so far...
  12. I had some annoying pimples and comedones that I wanted to get rid of quickly because Retin-A wasn't working fast enough (had to cut back on use this winter). The dermatologist recommended extractions and a 20% salicylic acid peel. The esthetician extracted a lot, and she's apparently an idiot because she tried to extract my colorless moles. My skin looked horrible, so she only spot-treated it with the peel. I 100% regret having the procedures done. I am scabbed and scarred and swollen beyond be
  13. I never got a diagnosis. Things cleared up for about a month, and now I'm back to having worse skin than ever. The season change prevented me from using Tazorac every night, and heavy moisturizers broke me out more. Now I have more clogged pores and zits on my chin than ever. It's worse than it was when it all started in May. It's so depressing. My derm has recommended a light peel. My chin is where most of the issues are. Tons of clogged pores that make their way up to the surface and f
  14. I am SO tired of this! I have gotten a cyst below my mouth / on my chin injected 5-6 times this summer. Yes, I've lost count. Within the past 2 weeks, I've had it injected on 2 separate occasions. Every time, it subsides a little - or it even looks like it's fully gone after a little while - and then it comes right back. I've partially extracted it once before, but there's apparently a deep infection. My derm has been unwilling to extract it since my skin is ridiculously fragile and sensit
  15. I don't think so. I did the research on that when it first started happening, too. Haha. I looked up EVERYTHING! It's just a gross Tazorac purge, I think. Elidel suppresses the immune response, so I was just suppressing these clogged pores with it. Once you stop using Elidel, the inflammation and redness returns... I actually bought some bone broth to see what happens.