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  1. i do that too haha is great. it removes the dead skin from the lips. but you have to immediately apply lip balm. the lips stay very smooth but sensitive and red after brusshing. but its good after a while and they remain and look smooth for some time depending on your accutandeo
  2. Ok im young and i am pretty hairy for my age (22). I have hair spread in my back (not that much but some day will i know) , and have chest hair... i dont like this.. The thing is im noticing a little bit more since i started accutante, like getting more hair in my upper part of my cheeks for examplee... is this possible? I have acne, im hairy and i sweat a lot!! but my face is fucking smooth... i dont understand hehe!
  3. By the age of 16 / 17 i started noticing hyperhydrosis... My arm pits were the worst part but when it was hot or i did exercise i got really soaked wet hehe. I went through a Roaccutane course at that age too for 4 months on a minimal dose. This sweat problem never went away. For the arm pits it was ok with Aluminium Cloridroxe or something like that. Dont know how to write that in English. My armpits where totally dry but these made my chest , back, butt, head and hands SWEAT even more compensa
  4. will someone ever reply?? .. my last pètition, i dont want to be so annoying hehe
  5. hey... im sad nobody knows about this... i still have break outs so i dont want to struggle epilating but i really like Smooth skin. acne and hair is not good to smoothness hehe.,, PLEASE SOME ADVICE
  6. Hello everybody, im new here but i usually read your posts. Ive been in Accutane for 7 weeks now, and i still have some break outs. I am 22 years old, Male and I weight 78 kg (150 pounds i think). My dose is 40 mg per day and i only suffer acne at my back. I have no Acne in my face, or any other place. is just my whole back! It showed up all of a sudden in January. I previously had Backne and some acne in my face when i was 17 but it solved with a 4 month accutane course. Its funny cause when i