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  1. Thanks everyone that's great help. I also have in my notes to follow a low fat diet whilst on the medication as it can become a side effect on high fat within the blood... did anyone come across this also? Sx
  2. Hi I am also starting this in a few weeks - i am worried about the fact i was told to stay out the sun as i will be going on holiday 3 weeks after starting this treatment. Is anyone able to tell me if you do in fact need to stay out the sun or whether you should just be using a really high spf? I wouldn't say i am really fair more fair to medium... Is aquaphor available in the Uk? Also what happens if you drink alcohol then? Sx
  3. Hi I have just joined this forum but to let you know i paid £100 for the Medibeam and im not sure if i would do it again. It didn't clear my spots, not did it make significant improvement - yes i think perhaps with make up on there is a slight improvement, but with make up off i don't see any changes as i still have red marks over my face which only my foundation hides. I wouldn't say don't try it as when suffering you will try anything you can get your hands on, but be prepared for me it wasn