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  1. From my experience, it has definitely got in the way and caused me to be late and even miss a day or two. But fortunately my bosses were understanding and hired me/kept me based on my personality and work ethic. Sure, there may be some who are looking for a pretty face above all else but those people are probably not going to be the best to work for anyway. I have also worked with some others who had it a lot worse than me.
  2. I got the Galaxy Nexus BTW. Love it! Pretty much does everything I want how I want it to. Heavy graphics do lag a bit as expected and the camera is not as good as my brother's Galaxy S II or an iPhone 4S but overall, I prefer this phone to any on the market right now.

  3. Galaxy. Nexus. Zomgootness.

  4. Oh man, that sux... Well I'm on Verizon which is the only carrier that didn't get a GSII. But supposedly the Nexus Prime/Galaxy Nexus is coming to Verizon very soon so I'm almost certainly getting that. :D

  5. Hey man! you get yourself a GSII? I made the mistake of getting a G2X on T-Mobile, should have just kept my nexus one, this thing is super buggy - worst 5 months of a phone eva eva.

  6. Yep, anytime I think about anything I don't like about myself I suddenly get a burst of anger but I don't show it around others. It's usually when I rethink of something stupid I said though. But it only started a couple years ago. Acne literally started driving me mad. I would get so frustrated because I would supposed to be leaving for work but instead be trying to stop my skin from bleeding... And then I'd arrive to work late AND ugly! AWESOME! LOL... Anyway, thank God for accutane! Even thou
  7. That's good. But keep in mind it may take 6 months or more to see consistant results from the Accutane. So just be patient.
  8. I think the main reason you don't get the attention is because of your attitude. Curling up in a corner covered in clothing and not talking to anyone will not help you make friends no matter how pretty or ugly you are. Ok sure, let's be realistic, being pretty or handsome would make things a hell of a lot easier for you in life. So would having amazing natural talents or being born into a rich family. But as Havoc said, you need to just be able to accept yourself for who you are. Trying to be so
  9. It's amazing how much our appearance effects our moods/personalities. I may not have acne now but I have scars and I am not very confident in my looks. But when I was younger I was perfectly fine with my looks and I felt so free - as you say. However, there were times, albeit rare, when I had acne, that I felt free/comfortable/happy around people that I knew were not judging me. So I really just need more people like that in my life. And I would think a gf/bf would/should make you feel that way.
  10. Yeah, Accutane is the only thing that's really given me consistant, lasting results so far. My only regret is not taking it sooner because now I have to live with bad scarring which somebody even today commented about. Sure, there were a lot of negative side effects with me (degraded vision, soreness, dryness, and other irregularities) but none of them are as bad as my acne was. Because of Accutane, I can finally go out in public with some confidence without spending 3 hours in the bathroom tryi
  11. DSM as in Diamond Star Motors? I have a '99 Eclipse GSX. ;)

  12. My bad for the late relpy, haven't been around here for a while. But yeah, it's Light from Deathnote.

  13. For the longest time I thought tanning helped. But as I got older I realized that my acne was directly related to tanning - particularly the cystic acne on my neck. In fact, the only time I get inflamed now is after I burn. It really is bad for your skin. Now, I'm not saying you should be a pasty white nerd but paying money to harm your skin and induce more acne just doesn't seem like a good idea. It's bad enough for those of us with healthy skin; but those of us with acne really can't afford a
  14. I have also felt this way for the past 5 or 6 years. I never feel like I'm good enough to have friends so I isolate myself for the most part. And in the mean time, I constantly work on improving every aspect of my life. Of course, I have to accept that I can never achieve perfection but I do have realistic goals for myself. However, it seems like I am actually getting worse in some ways. I honestly think the only "cure" for this is having good friends who can truly accept you for who you are. Un
  15. Yeah, when people point out stuff like that it annoys me. It's pretty much admitting that they're shallow. I've always looked past things like that but recently I take more notice since I've had similar skin problems. So if anything, I just feel a bit more sympathetic towards a person with scarring. And it has no effect on their attractiveness. Although, with that said, I do get upset at my own scarring sometimes... It's just in an unusual and more noticeable spot. But there's nothing I can d