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  1. Hmmm, I never thought of that! I haven’t tried squeezing it, but I’m definitely prodding and patting it a lot. It doesn’t seem to be getting bigger or redder. It just sits there like a lump under my skin.
  2. So I had a big cystic pimple last week. You know, the worst kind—way under the skin, doesn’t come to a head no matter how much BP you put on it, and basically impossible to pop without the help of a derm. So I did go to a derm who managed to drain the sucker. First thing he did was inject it with something to numb the area (it wasn’t a cortisone shot). Then he used a needle to open it up and drain all the pus out by applying pressure. He then put a bandage of Ichthammol ointment over it to suck
  3. Hey guys, thank you all for sharing your experiences. Tracy, the fact that BC pills screwed up your hormones is really scary. When I went on the pill years ago and then off a few months ago, I admit I never really thought about its impact on my skin. The fact is that after I took Accutane, acne stopped being a part of my life (except for the rare cyst which I could easily get drained and injected at the derm's). Even when I started BC, there were no remarkable changes in my skin. it was only the
  4. Hi Tracy. Thanks for your reply! So your cysts jusf flattened on their own? That's amazing. Maybe I should switch from Doxy to Keflex if it's available here.
  5. Week 2: Been taking Diane 35 and Spiro for more than a month now. The good news is that there have been NO new breakouts for over a week now. The bad news is that the old cysts from the initial breakout are taking FOREVER to heal. There are currently twin huge pimples right between my eyebrows, they used to be a trio but the other one dried up and I was able to drain it. In addition to that, the cyst in the corner of my mouth (the largest cyst I've had to date, by the way) is still lumpy u
  6. Thanks, Tracy! I'm so happy for you that you found something that works, makes me optimistic for the future as well. I have a last question if you don't mind. ) When you said that Keflex took away the acne and inflammation, do you mean they just shrunk away, dry up or come to a head and you were able to extract them? My main problem with my breakouts is that they never come to a head and never shrink so I always to have to get a cortisone shot or have them extracted by a derm. Since starting D
  7. Hello to whoever is reading this blog! I started taking Diane 35 and Spiro both on the same day over a month ago. Since then, I have been spending a lot of time here posting my concerns as well as reading about other people's experiences. Since I was posting almost every week, I figured I should just start my own blog so I can track my progress as well. Since I don't wanna retype everything I've written in my posts, I will just copy-paste most of them In order. ) About me: - I am 3
  8. Hi Tracy, have you ever been on Diane as well? How did the pill screw up your hormones? Yeah I also heard that spiro alone can do wonders, but I was just so desperate and I thought that if Diane works alone and so does Spiro then combining them would probably double the effect. Plus, I read that Spiro works better when combined with a BC pill. Anyway, did you have an IB on spiro? How long have you been on it and what's your skin condition now? Sorry for all the pesky questions. I know I'm taki
  9. Hi Sophia, I'm on my 2nd month of Diane with Spiro. I am currently undergoing the initial breakout of cystic pimples but not the rash you mentioned. Are you sure it's connected to Diane and not something else maybe, like food allergy or a new skin product you're using? If the rash doesn't subside, I would suggest asking your dermatologist about it. I know exactly how you feel about just wanting to stay in bed all day and not have to go out and face (pardon the pun) the world. I have actually d
  10. Hi Tracy, I personally don't like the idea of being on so many drugs, but I'm already on my second pack of Diane 35 and I'm afraid it might screw up my hormones even more if I stop now. Also, the 4 to 5 years that I was on the pill (not Diane 35 but same ingredients) gave me the best skin I've ever had. And when I stopped about 5months ago, the acne returned. So I'm connecting the dots and thinking that BC is the way to go for me. I wish I knew where the initial breakout is coming from though. H
  11. Hi Kim, I'm also taking Diane 35 for a month now so the IB could be from that and not the Spiro. As for Accutane, from what I've been told, it WILL cause an inevitable IB. I was on Accutane a few years ago and the IB was hell. This is why I don't understand my new derm when he said I should consider going on a 2nd round if things don't improve in a month. We alreadY know my acne is hormonal, so I asked him would't Diane be a better choice? He said Diane 35 is only a temporary solution but Accuta
  12. Hi KMP86! Day 32 of my Diane 35 and Spiro journey: Well, I think I spoke too soon about my initial breakout being minor. Since my last entry, things have taken a turn for the worse. ( The two small pimples on the corner of my mouth grew into full-blown cysts! One was so big that it looked like the surface of a marble under my skin, like I just had a tooth taken out or something. It was swollen and PAINFUL as all hell. Aside from that, I had another big pimple show up between my eyebrows. I w
  13. Hi KMP86! I am on 100mg of Spironolactone (Aldactone) a day. So, update on Day 17 of my Spiro journey. Unfortunately, I had a couple of zits appear over the weekend. Two small ones on the corner of my mouth just on my lower cheek, which I found weird since I never break out in that spot. Not too bothersome since they are really small and can easily be covered (thank goodness for BB cream!). But when I touch them they feel like a mosquito bite since it's a bit swollen under the skin. Other t
  14. Sammycat, Your story is almost identical to mine minus the Accutane. I am 28 and am prone to cystic acne. I came off BC and my face went nuts so I recently went back on BC and am hoping to be prescribed to Spiro on Monday when I go to see my derm. Are you seeing any improvement with the combination of the BC and Spiro? Any feedback would be great, thank you Hi KMP86! It's great to see someone on the same boat as I am. ) I just finished my 2nd week of taking both Spiro and Dian
  15. Thanks! I just hope the dermatologist listens to me this time. The last time I was in, he just prescribed topicals and antibiotics that basically did NOTHING. It's so hard to see a new dermatologist who doesnt know my acne history. I miss my old derm so badly. ( By the way, wouldn't diluting the shot make it less effective? Ive experienced cysts before that came back after a week because the cortisone shot wasn't strong enough. Thanks!