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    Music, fun, fun, nursing school, more fun, sleep, food, CLEAR SKIN!
  1. Hi, my name is holly and i was taking accutane for 2 months. I felt mostly happy when i started taking it...even though i was very stressed out about starting nursing school at a most difficult university. Well can i tell you that i did 2 months, the first month with amnesteem and then claravis second month. My face sure did clear up quite well. and im glad about that. But bad things started happening. My relationship with my serious boyfriend (someone ive considered marrying) is now pretty much
  2. thanks girl. I used to have acne all over my back, chest, face and ive had nasty bumps all over my arms too... i know its tough to live with, so dont. take accutane, i just started and i feel great about not having to worry about zits in a few months!

    1. your name is really cute Hippie Holly:0)

      1. We'll see :) And thanks for the idea.

        1. i understand, that is why i waited so long. but ive been taking amnesteem for a week, a brand of accutane..and my head hasnt fell off yet. Try using a toner to remove dirt and oil from your skin..it really helps!

          1. Thanks for the suggestion, but any drug that has such unhealthy effects will never go into my body, unless my face was completely covered with acne. My acne is rapidly clearing up at the moment from Niacinamide and Acnepril. And I don't think it's possible to get Accutane anymore..

            1. i meant what you dont want to hear*

              1. ok this is probably what you want to hear. But acne is mostly genetics and if your acne is not improving with diet, go on accutane. I am 21 and my acne isnt as bad as before but i just wish i would have done it along time ago! i cant stress that enough!!

                1. Hippie Holly

                  my horrible acne

                  OK...your acne is moderate. Not horrible, i've seen way worse. But! Its bad enough to get you down, and I will tell you that differin is not going to work for you. I tried differin a long time ago, and it did not work. Im not saying it wont for sure, but probably not because my acne was really stubborn and it looks like yours is too. Try retin A micro, it is really the only thing that helped to clear up my skin. But ive been on that for 3 years and it hasnt cleared up my face completely so i jus
                2. Hippie Holly


                  A few pictures of me, most with makeup on....to cover my zits and marks left behind!
                3. i actually just took my 4th pill of accutane! im updating my profile since i used retin a micro for at least 3 years!

                  1. yehh


                    so are you done accutane are you still on it

                    1. Sadly..I had no luck w/ yaz...saw no change in my acne while on it for over a year. Seems like it does help some people tho. I'm using nuva ring now..not sure about it. Hope you have better luck w/ yaz then I did.

                      1. did you switch to yaz i am having bad trouble with orthotricyclen. i have been on it for years and now my hormones are taking over i just got a bunch of yaz please tell me it helped