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  1. Personally, I take Creatine, and I never broke out because of that. Of course, I take Monohydrate creatin (it's JUST creatine inside, no sugar added). I'm pretty sure that the Creatine, alone, doesn't make you break out, but the sugar inside of it does (but everyone is different, so maybe you still break out even with just the creatine!). But yeah, Whey proteins make people break out because whey = bunch of lactose in it! There's a brand with no lactose, but I forgot his name.
  2. I've never really had a girlfriend netiher. Don't worry about getting a girlfriend! Just try your best to live happily, and keep fighting to heal your acne (yeah, I know it's sometime very hard, I absolutely know that). I wish you the best Tango11 . I probably live hundreds of miles away, but I'm by you side no matter what happen!
  3. I unfortunately totally know what you're feeling... life with acne, for me, was more than hell. I would have wished to go in hell instead of leaving my life I lived because of my acne. I know that no words I can say can make you feel happy, because no matter what I will say, you will still have your acne problems. My personnal solution for getting a way more beautiful skin was to change my diet and follow pretty much a "paleo" diet. Of course, I don't say that because I want you to absolutely
  4. There was once a part in my life where I felt exactly like you. I hated EVERY seconds of every day when I was with other people (I was trying to hide my face, not look at other people, etc.). I know that it's hard to be sociable when you really don't like your acne. Unforunately, I know how it feels. The best advice I can give you (even if the advice I'm about to give you was impossible to follow for me): Try to not care about your acne and try to REALLY be yourself (your TRUE yourself, the on
  5. Remember that you see yourself a LOT worse than how the guy will see you. In fact (my personnal opinion), I'm a guy, and I wouldn't mind at all if a girl I liked had few acne like yours. I wouldn't mind at all. So, even if you really don't like having that near your mouth, remember that you see yourself a lot worse than others see you . So I hope you won't judge yourself too hard when you'll meet him! Wish you the best of luck .
  6. Right now, we can say that I'm pretty much *clear* (but I still continue to have a really strict food diet to control my acne). And I think it's important for me to keep going on this forum. My skin is 100% better than few years ago, but I always like to read people's experience with acne. And if I can help someone, somewhere, that would be really great, because this website helped me a lot to clear my skin, and it's time for me to do the same with other people .
  7. 3 years ago, when my acne was at his worst, I was standing up, waiting, and a person ( I knew him, not an unknown person ) told me: Hey, is that a disease you have or it is acne? When he said that, I felt SO not well, my brain almost got destroyed. 2 seconds after he said that to me, I replied, without thinking and always feeling so embarassed: It is acne. After I said that, the person in front of me said nothing but he looked like he was sorry for telling me this question. I don't think he sa
  8. I personnaly didn't say that doctors were bad, but the solutions they learn is almost just pills, that's what I don't trust. And doctors often think that only pills can heal (they just believe what school thought them). But yeah, there is open-minded doctors of course and I love them!
  9. Personnaly I would continue to eat as clean as possible but I'm not you. Do the thing that will make you happy and it will be the right thing
  10. Dermatologist and doctors, where both of them have 7 years of study each, fucked my skin and my health with antibiotics. This forum and other site, with 0 years of study, cleared my skin at 70%. If someone is asking me on the street: Oh my god I have so much acne what should I do? I would recommend him to not go see a dermatologist and go to this forum. If, after trying everything here (there is a lot of things to try..) if after all that, he still have a lot of acne, I would recommend him to
  11. Doctors... personnaly, I DO NOT trust them. I don't say that they are stupid, but think about it. What they learn is not facts, but ways to help. Nobody can tell what is the best way to heal yourself, etc. The problem with doctors? They ******* just give you pills!!! Seriously, I do not trust pills.... pills is just a business and doctor are part of it. I don't say that doctor don't know anything, but their knowledge is almost just about pills (each time I saw a doctor, they tell me to take pil
  12. I agree with the long term. Fasting + good diet = no more acne (at least less acne).
  13. Thanks all for your support! It's always going nice. I have no more NEW inflammation as I expected before I water fast. Of course I like that but I know that I can't eat whatever I want after my water fast because it's easy to get acne. To answer to Johndear: you lasted 6 hours, it's better than nothing But seriously, the fact is that hunger is JUST a feeling like being sad or happy. Of course it's annoying, but if you say to yourself: hey dude I don't want to eat and that's it! Your body
  14. Nice to see more posts! I'm still continuing my fast, everything is doing great, less acne, it's good. Of course, I don't consider water fast THE solution to stop having acne but to clear your body from toxins, etc is a great start to help your body heal yourself (I think). The most important thing, for me, is too have a good diet after my water fast. The diet is the most important thing (with supplementation, I'll think about that too).
  15. Hi! Of course, DO NOT water fast if you are underweight. It's important to be healthy before doing a water fast (why? Because during the water fast, it's normal that the body becomes weaker). and it's true that caloric restriction has good chances of life extension. But for me, to water fast is to clear my body from toxins and other accumulated things over the years. I'm sure it works. We'll see after the fast what will happen.