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  1. yes! Especially when I wake up (like today was the worst in a while) I have to put TONS of layers of medicated Chapstick brand before i go to bed to keep my lips from getting too bad. I love Dan's CortiBalm but it just didnt look right on my lips so i had to quit using it, except when i was at home.
  2. I use the pink Head & Shoulders. It helps with dry frizzy hair, and Accutane has made my long hair fragile. So i had to cut it really short the other day Its still thin compared to pre-Accutane. But the Head & Shoulders works wonders.
  3. Ive had the same question! I'm extremely pale now since the sun hates me on Accutane, and i cant use a tanning bed. I want to try one but i really don't want to be orange. The Caress skin tone evening body wash works great, by the way.
  4. Im a dependent. I can see any doctor I want on both insurances I have, so i see a civilian one. And I got my bill for my appointment today, and TriCare picked up fifty something dollars for my doctor visits so hopefully it'll keep doing that.
  5. I went through the same thing for a while. But then i found the medicated Chapstick brand. I didnt think it would work that well, but its actually very incredible and soothing.
  6. Oh ok. thanks, I'll probably look into that soon. I am paying $70 out of pocket for my derm appointment every month now. At least I'm near the end.
  7. Yep, just started my 4th month. I think its really worth it.
  8. When i went to pick up my4th prescription for Accutane, they said I already met my $1200 limit for the year (partly due to Yaz). And i received a letter not to long ago saying that my doctor visit limit has been exceeded too. I have TriCare through the army as well but Im not sure if it will pick much up. It did cover the prescription cost (went from $240 down to $3, but idk how much more it will cover since i hardly ever use it) Has anyone else exceeded their insurance limits??
  9. Yeah, I agree. I think its because if people have to pay for it, they are more likely to use it rather than it going to waste. I like being on Yaz. I didn't get the big initial breakout that most people get when they start accutane, since Yaz helps with acne too.
  10. Yes, you have to pay for it. I started Yaz and its $20 a month with insurance. If you have TriCare through the army, it'll be cheaper.
  11. From the album: The Accutane Adventure

    (: (: (: No zits, just scars and red marks at the moment!!
  12. From the album: The Accutane Adventure

    (: (: (: No zits, just scars and red marks at the moment!!
  13. I drove roughly 60 miles in the dark today and I noticed my vision was much worse. I started my 4th month of Accutane today. It wasn't bad or anything, but it was like i couldn't really focus completely. I usually don't drive really late so it took me a while to notice. If you feel the vision ends up getting worse, getting it checked should be the best thing, of course.
  14. From the album: The Accutane Adventure

    Forehead has had no major breakouts....but for some reason its not as smooth as it usually is.
  15. From the album: The Accutane Adventure

    I can't WAIT for these red marks to leave....its hard to enjoy the clearer skin with them.
  16. From the album: The Accutane Adventure

    I woke up this morning and for some reason, all my active pimples had those balck heads, idk why.
  17. I just started with thrid month, i have about 20 more weeks. First 2 months were 40mg/day. This month is 60 mg/day. He doesnt think I'll go up any more than 80, if I ever go up that much.
  18. My pores under my eyes and on my nose are extremely visible..Im really self-conscious about them and I'm wondering if there's a good product out there. Either in make up or a facial treatment/wash/lotion, etc. Oh, Im also on Accutane 60 mg a day....there are probably some products i should avoid.
  19. I use Cetaphil moisturizer. It makes my face a tad greasy which i dont like it, but it pat it down with a towel after i put it on. Its basically anti-bacterial and wont clog pores or anything.
  20. Thanks! Im really looking forward to them disappearing! I'm almost to month 3 and I only have like 3 pimples at the moment but TONS of redmarks. I cant wait!

    1. From the album: The Accutane Adventure

      I dont know yet what kind of scars will appear from this. :/
    2. From the album: The Accutane Adventure

      still see scars...just hoping & praying they dont last long!
    3. From the album: The Accutane Adventure

      I love love love my forehead! Its already so beautiful and i cant wait for the rest of my face to catch up!