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  1. Thanks for the help, I just don't want the BP cream not to sink in and me have white stuff peeling down my face! I apply one cheek and then the other, then the chin, the nose, the forehead and so on and sometimes even though I do one part of my face at a time, it dries quickly and has you can see it even though I try to work in as fast as possible! I also use a heavy cream (Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion) and I didn't know if two applications of moisturizing cream would be good, because I also
  2. Hi, I'm new here and I wanted to post my regimen and see if anybody could prescribe something or something! I don't know if this is the right forum or not! In Morning Splash face with COLD water Pat Dry w/ clean towel Note: I don't use cleanser or anything in the morning Night: Splash face a couple of times with warm water Clean with Cetaphil for Dry to Normal (not bar) Rinse with warm water Splash face a couple of times with cold water Pat dry Wait 15 min. Apply Neutrogena On-