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  1. i dont know anyone who has acne and doesnt do nothing about it ... so probably she is treating it already ... no one likes to look at the mirror and have tons of spots so we all that have acne of course do something about it but it doesnt work right for everyone...
  2. hope are doing great!

    1. hey hope dont be nerveous you will be fine in no time you are very brave if you ever need someone you feel free to message me ... we are all here for the same reason and to give support to each other dont worry hang in there will be fine

      1. hi there,

        thanks for the comments and encouragement - everyday my friends and colleague's comment on the improvement.

        I too was very scared 2 start caus it sounds like it can get very bad with the side effects and the break outs - my doctor gave me sumthin for the 1st 2 weeks so it wld nt break out badly initially - frm 2morrow we shall see wat happens - i;m a bit nervo

        1. blackcherry

          Oh man! How Embarassing!

          i was on the gnc with my mom cuz she was buying some vitamins for my dad , and this lady came and told me i should be taking vitamins that would help my acne and i was okay... and she insists and stars taking out all the vitamins i should buy .. i didnt buy any of them i was pist people should be careful when they talk.
        2. people dont notice your skin as much as do , when i used to have mild acne people not even notice as much as i was doing... i see my pictures of a couple of months ago and i say to myself geez what i was complaning about , now that i have pretty much severe acne .... well people notice my skin my friends telling geez what happend to your face , why are yo peeling , or my brother ( he has perfect skin) , OMG you should been watchin what you put on your face you have holes , or my mom telling me
        3. i have use this cream and in my personal opinion i doesnt work ...it made my marks more darker than they were ... but well thats me so.... ill leave those marks fade with time