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  1. B12 and B6 taken in large amounts can make you break out yes. So don't take more than the RDI besides B-Complex is so common that it pretty unnecessary to supplement. Just eat healthier.
  2. At the beginning of the New Year I decided to do a detox. Now I am known to have a weaker liver, because there is an enzyme missing so I daily take Milk Thistle pills for over two years now. It's always been doing me good. Now I added Dandelion to my regime and been using that for the past 5 days or so and I noticed that my face is getting worse with the days. It looks duller and I have breakouts over my forehead mostly. My diet is still the same as before, if you disregard Christmas when I had
  3. Someone? Also anyone know a store that ships vitamins internationally?
  4. I have been on Pantothenic acid for a little over 1 month now. With only a dose of no more than 500mg I was doing great and nearly clear. But recently my skin flared up again. And I don't know what's the cause. I have been eating as usual, exercising as usual and used the same makeup as always. 1. It should be around the time of the month now, so that could explain it. Although it is more than I usually have during menstrual flare up. Is there anything for this? 2. I thought it would be the h
  5. In the past I have used several different skincare products, from Clinique to drugstore brands and unknown bio brands. They didn't work at all and together with the wrong makeup I developed cosmetic acne. Once I stopped using them and went back to basics my skin slowly recovered. It halved my moderate acne to mild. I get what you mean too. Eating balanced and healthy is one of the most important parts of my regime. I am not supplementing all either. At firs it's a lot of work because I wanted
  6. It's almost been a month ago since I started and there have been large improvements with only a dose of 250mg. My skin has largely improved and is not oily anymore. My chest is practically clear and so is my neck. My back has healed for 75%. My face isn't doing so well (though improved), but I think that is the effect of new makeup and cleaning routine that has messed it up a little. I didn't update for so long because I wanted to see how effective it'd be for a month. Usually my skin starts t
  7. Yes I will continue to eat whole grains.
  8. Day 1 I decided to build up the B5 slowly. For the first 7 days I'll only be taking a dose of 125mg a day. So far so good. Of course nothing has happened yet.
  9. This is going to be my skin diary thread. I will update daily not only for me to register progress or regress, but also to share my experience. I have already given up on skincare completely. I wash my face with lukewarm water only, twice a day. No moisturizer. Twice a week a yogurt-frenchclay mask and a sugar scrub. I use only a makeup remover, non-comedogenic. Likewise with makeup itself. I stopped with all my previous treatments two weeks ago and so far I have light acne on my face, chest
  10. My last multivitamins contained large amounts of B6 and B12, which broke me out as well as Iodine. The search for one without either has been difficult. Now I found one which has a good dosage and without Iodine. However, it additionally contains vegetable extracts. Some which concern me. It contains: Alfalfa Artichoke Barbados Cherry (Malpighia emarginata) Beetroot Cranberry Garlic Kelp Lycopene Papaya Parsley Quercetin Rutin Shiitake Spirulina I am especially concerned about the Kelp, whic
  11. I've taken B-complex for over a year now. Although the dose was only 400% DRI. I must note though that too much B12 actually causes acne. When I was taking a multi with B12 (over 17µg) being the main aggressor. It went away as soon as I stopped. I'll switch to complex with additional B5 and see what happens. Hopefully I'll finally clear up.
  12. It recently became the new hype of my local stores and the information on the website sounds promising. To everyone who has tried it, would you recommand it? If so, what in particular? www.yes-to-carrots.com/
  13. I know a girl who compared that with a shaved leg and the shaver had better result. She also compared it with sandpaper and the sandpaper won. So no. Don't waste your money