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  1. I know it's a gamble, but even the POSSIBILITY of a kid having to grow through this completely turns me away from having children. I look back on the past ten years of anger, bullying, frustration, and the feeling of a complete lack of control over my life and can't even begin to imagine passing these genes off onto some helpless kid. And my parents are very helpful and understanding about my skin, but I never really felt like it helped. The second I step foot outside the world is a completely
  2. I've come to a sad realization that I never want to have children BECAUSE of my acne. I feel like I have a lot of resentment, sometimes misplaced, towards my parents for having me despite both of them telling me that they were very depressed and quiet in high school and college until nearly the age of 25 due to their acne. My sister is four years older than me (24) and is still complaining about her skin, so I have that to look forward to as well for the next half decade for myself. Due of my
  3. I forget if people went into this already in this thread, but has anyone tried getting their hands on CROTAMITON (aka Eurax in the UK)? There's a few studies floating around that show the scabicide working well against seb derm, suggesting that certain forms of seb derm could be caused by gram-negative bugs rather than yeasts as previously thought (or perhaps certain forms of it are getting confused with other conditions). Hopefully someone from the UK can try it out as it's over-the-counter o
  4. Oh, I was COMPLETELY aware of it. It's that vicious cycle where the more you flush the more embarrassed you get, and the more embarrassed you get the more you flush. And everything was a trigger. Spicy foods, the sun, exercise, heat heat HEAT! Anytime I was in a warm indoor area I was guaranteed to blush. And after the blushing went away, I had another six months of constant facial redness. Even if I didn't blush very much, my face was still constantly red and hot to the touch. EVENTUA
  5. Your dermatologist is right in that soap has irritants in it that can irritate your face, but I've never heard of it permanently worsening seb derm. I don't think it'll do anything more than temporarily cause irritation but I'm obviously no expert. Some dermatologists, including mine, actually recommend sulfur soaps. I didn't find that sulfur helped much at all, though, but it's worth noting. Some people have also found relief thru... bare with me on this, using Head & Shoulders on their
  6. I developed ATROCIOUS facial flushing after using accutane. I mean, it really was terrible. One time, I was just standing in line at the airport and for no reason my face flared up bright red, I felt like I was going to pass out. A security guy even walked over and asked if I was okay. However, 12 months after going off of accutane it finally subsided substantially. I'm about a year and a half off of it now and I NEVER flush anymore. It is possible that, like me, the accutane could just be
  7. I'm not sure but isn't Desonide a steroid cream? If it is from what I hear you should absolutely not use it. Supposedly, although I know very little about it, steroid creams are pretty awful to use on your face. There's a clusterfuck of opposing opinions on how to treat seb derm, but I would probably advise you to just try to get a better dermatologist. Unless they were born in medieval times, prescribing steroids for your face is pretty unforgivable. You could talk to your dermatologist ab
  8. What type of Head and Shoulders do you use? Any kind. I've switched around to their different kinds and never had my dandruff come back. I'm currently using the Pyrithione Zinc conditioner/shampoo 2-in-1.
  9. Is your seb derm controlled now? It's been a nightmare trying to deal with this over the past year (I also got it after accutane btw). I tried ketaconazole but it did absolutely nothing for me. Currently I use the protopic every 7-10 days when I get the flare-up, and it takes 2-3 full days of diligent protopic use to get it to subside. I'll inquire about miconazole and sporonax, though.
  10. Well I have little knowledge of this condition, but clearly you should return to the dermatologist as the treatment they prescribed failed. They probably have alternative treatments lined up. I'm also unsure if it is testable what the problem is, so you should discuss that with your dermatologist and try to get a test out of them if possible.
  11. My dermatologist's resident recently recommended to me that I let my condition flare-up so that they could re-diagnose it. However, before they could get me in the actual dermatologist called and put and end to it. While letting my condition flare up, though, I discovered that it actually looks a lot different from what it used to. Basically, while there is still a lot of inflamed skin and some diffuse redness, the bulk of the irritation seems to stem from little red rashes which, upon close
  12. So you're not sure if you have demodicidosis or not? I'd have a good talk with your derm about demodex mites. Chances are that they're going to tell you that research is still being done, that there's no proof of mites doing much damage, blah blah blah, but you can still try to talk them into at least doing a test to check for an abundance of mites. If not, you can always search around for a local derm that will at least do the test. The problem with demodex is that 1) everyone has them, the
  13. Do me a huge favour. Please please PLEASE do not get sunburnt for like a year after going on tane. If I could turn back time I would, the accutane worked well but I got sunburnt a month after stopping and after my skin peeled it got majorly fucked up. If you need to wear a sombrero or become a hermit afterwards, do it. Not to horror story you, it's just super important that you avoid the sun like the plague.
  14. I just got one off of Amazon. It's not a full water filtration system, but a cheap shower head that filters water that passes thru it should at least give you an idea of whether or not filtering the water helps. Check the reviews and make sure it's decent, though.
  15. Could it have something to do with the water in California? From what I've heard different states and their different qualities of water can have some negative effects on different skin types, it might be worthwhile to buy a cheap filtered shower head to see if it helps or not.