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  1. Have either of you guys ever experienced dairy withdrawal?? Ive been reading that its a real thing and since quitting my anxiety level has risen and i dont have much of an appetite. Im hoping this passes soon!
  2. **I know this is a long post but please read if you are an adult and suffer from cystic acne and are at your wit's end!** Hello everyone! I have been on and off this site since I was in highschool (I am now 24) and have been dealing with persistent acne ever since I was about 15-16 years old. I'm prone to hard, painful, cystic pimples and would sometimes have 5 or 6 of them pop up on my face in one day! Within the last 2 years, I started noticing my acne getting worse, and taking longer
  3. Thanks for your input! The initial breakout has been really bad, I'm debating stopping the antibiotic because being on it for 2 to 3 months or longer seems bad for my health.
  4. Hi everyone, I haven't used these forums in years but I had to return to ask some questions about Doryx. I'm 23, and have been battling with light acne since high school. My skin would be clear for months and then I would suffer a severe breakout. I'm prone to the large, painful cystic pimples and they usually take a month to fully go away once they emerge. I've tried almost every single prescription topical and finally my dermatolgist insisted I try Doryx although I have my hesitations
  5. Ok I haven't been on this site in a long time but I recently broke out BADLY after months of clear skin. So one night in utter frustration because I had six cystic pimples and my face that hurt badly, I revisited this site and found this forum topic. I read lots of reviews and immediately the next day went out on a hunt for this de la cruz 10% sulfur ointment. I was lucky enough to find it in kmart for about $5 and picked up the Grisi sulfur soap too for around $2. I've only been using both fo
  6. I was prescribed Amoxicillin for a severe sinus infection a few years ago. I think it is a HORRIBLE drug. I too did not know at the time if I was allergic to penicillin. Low and behold I was and Amoxicillin gave me HIVES for a week. It also causes yeast infections and depletes the water in your body which can give you constipation. It gave me such bad cotton mouth that I couldnt sleep at night. Bottom Line: I would not recommend taking this drug. Especially if you do not know if you're allergi
  7. I just got Acne Free's Green Tea Moisturizer today on sale and I'm a big wary to try it since all of their other products are very harsh. Even the Sensitive Skin line dried my face out badly. I was always curious about ProActiv's same product but thought it was too expensive. Has anyone tried this product and had positive results?
  8. Awhile back I tried the Boots Blemish Control line of toners, night gel, and facial wash. While they were all very gentle and nondrying (my skin is combination so it tends to dry out easily) and smelled nice, I didnt see much of an improvement. I always contemplate buying the rebalancing products so if you decide to use them keep us up to date. ** Stay away from the Boots Organic stuff though. I was using their brightening, gentle gel cleanser and it was VERY drying. My face would feel stiff a
  9. I think consuming foods to get your daily zinc dosage on top of taking zinc pills is over kill. I would stop taking the zinc until your symptoms go away. As a substitute I would consider a homeopathic pill. I loved Nature's Cure Acne pills since they were all natural. I'd look into that to maybe maintain clear skin. Theyre usually sold at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, etc. Goodluck.
  10. I think climate can definitely be a factor. I lived in FL most of my life and when I moved to NY for college my skin was breakout free for months. Now that I'm back in FL on winter vacation, I noticed that my skin is back to its old self of breaking out again. I think places where its very humid cause pores to be open more often and they absorb more dirt and oils. Try a toner after washing your face at night. I LOVE Burt's Bees Garden Tomato Toner, I feel like its the only one that really cleans
  11. I recently picked up a few new cosmetics from the drugstore and I'm happily surprised by the drugstore brands' improvements in their products. I haven't been on the site lately since my skin has been clear for over a month now but I came back wanting to share my great finds with you guys: Covergirl Line Exact- A sharpie-like liquid liner that goes on faster and easier than my old Mac liquid liner! Its also only $5 and change and is the only liner I've ever used that comes off easily with soap
  12. I have very sensitive skin and after a failed 2 month use of Ziana gel I researched this site and came up with a new regimen. I did go back to using a prescription topical I had over a year ago which has proven to be the god send for my skin. Although I have a few red scars from a bad breakout, they are slowly fading and easily covered with makeup. I didn't even breakout during my time of the month! If you have sensitive skin but are prone to an oily t-zone and cystic pimples, I would recommend
  13. I use Mac liquid liner in Black Boot, its the felt tip one which gives you a nice control over the lines you draw.
  14. Be wary if you decide to get a shot from the dermatologist. Personally, I'd rather have a bump that goes away after a few months and can be covered with makeup in the meantime compared to a possible dent that may never fill in.
  15. I would be cautious when using that for long periods of time. Since its tested for animals and not humans it may cause irritation at some point.