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  1. 50/50 water and acv has worked great on my face, cleared up the red marks nicely
  2. well i have pretty light acne, occasional spots with lagging red marks around my cheeks and my nose is pretty oily and as of late i have got a few mountains I was using previously the 5 % bp clean and clear cleanser but stopped because i wasnt too sure about bp and whether it was too harsh but it did help in clearing me up nicely. nnnneway im now using neutrogena skin clearing foaming wash ( sa and natural plant extracts ) and some fast acting gel from the same line and a after a few days u
  3. if u last 2 I'll give you a dollar.. but ye not seeing the real point to this but hey if it clears you up SWEET
  4. Im currently on botchla's regimen and have mostly cleared up *touch wood* but have noticed a few wittle pimples popping up, what products to the ppl here at acne.org recommend for treating these lil nasty's, as being pimple free is really close ! but so far rite now cept for these stubborn red marks
  5. acne ruins, try applyin the bp cleanser in the morning.. has there been any improvements over the 6 weeks or not? if there hasn't I think that mebbe this regimen aint for you other wise jus give it time and be positive !!!
  6. Sierra, Im in Australia and could only find the blackhead clearing cleanser, whats the difference between that and the scrub. Its got microbeads in it and SA listed in ingrediants as well cheers by the way anyone in Aus been able to get Herbal Logix?
  7. A few things to avoid when you are using salicylic acid products: • Any other topical acne preparation or preparation containing a peeling agent (benzoyl peroxide, resorcinol, sulfur, or tretinoin [vitamin A acid]) Thats from acne.com, is this true? Im on botchla's regiment cc bp cleanser and black head sa cleanser and have noticed I get pretty flakey after I put them on and my redness seems to of worsened. Any peeps opinions or comments on this? dan? cheers!