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  1. I feel for you all, i have the same thing.... I also have stated its the bane of my existence... When i talk to people thats all they can seem to look at.... Sigh... Im trying to learn to cope with it. And i plan on going to the doctor about it soon. But the only thing i can tell you is taht i have been reasarching it for for about a year now, and the only treatment i have come across is plastic surgery. Or physical reshaping of the nose. it know it sounds dumb but one thing that helpled me was
  2. All i have to say is don't go to WebMd about it. It will scare you. lol. But if you do don't let it get your paranoid. I promise you its not that bad.
  3. I would kill to have your skin. Its not that bad. but i had the same thing. I know it sounds dumb. But I talked to nutritionist at my local herb mart. He told me to give up all surgar and white bread for about 2 weeks and see if you notice a difference. Well i thought it was dumb but i tried at and it worked. He made a believer out of me. Cuz after that i started to east white bread and sugar again and i came back. He said something about the sugar in your blood makes it thiker and hard to penet