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  1. This, is lame. And he is making up more fake information to promote his product. Basically, he said, " You, are stuck with your marks forever, if you had them for over 6 months. " Right.. sneaky guy, he knows if you had your red marks for over 6 months, he knows how desperate you are to get rid of them. The longer you have, the worse you feel. The more you spend. Soo, " You are stuck with red marks for LIFE, unless you buy our starter kit. " + i tried his product for 6 months. Nothing
  2. Kay, let me first start off with saying, your PIH Red marks aren't even that bad, so don't stress out too much. Hydroquinone doesn't really do much for Red marks, mainly sun exposed brown marks. You're looking for something scrubby, and penetrates enough to speed up the wound healing process. The downer, Red marks tend to stay on the skin for a decently long time.. Depending on the treatment. I've had my red marks since 9th grade, which is now, 4-5 years. But during this time i cont
  3. younnn

    Ipl Photo Facial Is Awesome!

    Ohhhh silly girls
  4. Right << They will most certainly work for your scars. & Sorry for the Delay i'm swamped with college and Work, i'm in college atm, i will do my best to post them ASAP.
  5. Yeah i do i'll upload and display some samples when i get back from college. And i'm sure it'll work for you, red marks tend to heal alot faster than scars when it comes to Dermastamping or rolling.
  6. Yes, i am currently doing so:) How's it working out? Well just think, tiny needles penetrate your skin very gently, enough to allow the ACV and Coconut oil to absord deeper into the infected areas. ( Entrapped Sebum, Blood, Scars, Etc ) , even i, thought this was briliant. And so far, 80% of my marks are faded within 2 month period of doing. It's really worth it:)
  7. younnn

    Red Mark Treatments?

    Lovely ingredient's you have listed up there Yes.. ingredients, Mix them all together and make a paste! I always combine skin lightening and healing elements together. Always worked for my red marks. Mine are about 80% Faded already. What i did was, or do.. Mix nutmeg powder, honey, cinnamon, Cucumber juice, potato juice, coconut oil, and a tad bit of sacylic acid. Feels ooooh soo good Ooo and lemon, of course i add lemon juice as well! Also, eat LOTS of raisins. << Delicious, ye
  8. Hmmmm, you only THINK they are not healing, but it's such a slow process girl! lol. Mine are actually finally starting to fade on their own. How lovely, after about 3 years of poor skin care. I suggest, you completely stop with the chemicals. Reeeeaaally stop, no good. This may be a bit pricey, but i'm telling you, it's powerful. 1. Dermaroller 2. Coconut oil 3. ACV Waalaaa, these 3 combined in my opinion, is thee absolute best! Lemme know if you're interested and i'll be more specific.
  9. First off, you better be applying lots of SPF and moisturizer when you go out in the sun .. As for a gentle cleanser? there are many to choose from. Erm, check out Pure and Clear Nelsons cleanser.
  10. younnn

    Dry, Flaky Skin

    mmmhmmm Alcohol on the face is a big no-no girrrl. But it's nothing to be too worried about:) Firstly! Really considering not applying that moisturizer anymore, obviously. What kind of moisturizer has alcohol in it anyways? Quite redic if you ask me. Second, well... the dry flaky skin coming off your face would be dead skin cells, which can be a good, and not so good thing. Not so good as in.. don't over do it! Erm, if i was you, i would give me skin a day or two, just to re balance it's
  11. younnn

    Recommendations? (Pics)

    Actually my Red marks are horrible, or were i should say, now after only 2 months of eating healthy.. my redmarks are almost diminished.. I have a post on the red marks section, check out the pictures.
  12. younnn

    Water Fasting Detox For Acne

    I did green apples and water only for 5 days when i started my diet, the first month i did an entire Detox system. This is an excellent idea and it helps guaranteed! Good luck to u:)
  13. younnn

    College Student Regimen Log

  14. We ourselves notice our imperfections more then others. Although other's can be dicks about it