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  1. This person is very ignorant. Put the bible down and learn science.
  2. I haven't noticed a gummy layer but my skin has never really been oily, also i use a little fragrance free moisturizer now and then, so don't have a problem with dryness.
  3. Nooo! Squeezing with nails is very bad idea! I've done that in the past and ended up taking huge chunks out my face. As for the closed comdones, they work their way to the surface with time and become big blackheads then you can gently remove them and all of it will come out. If you try to remove them as closed comdones they will keep coming back. Thats what happened for me anyway.
  4. ^^ Yes you are most likely right. I've found i can splash with cold water and pat dry after a bath with no problems. In a morning i clean my eyes with water but don't touch my face. Skin is still looking great, very happy with results.
  5. It will shrink with time, i did it to my cheek once and was left with a big hole, but it all blended in with time.
  6. I have very mild ance, just blackheads and some tiny bumps which sometimes turn into inflamed spots. I use to wipe my face twice a day with a cotton ball soaked in water and a fair bit of grime would come off my face. For the past couple of weeks i've stopped doing this, i don't let water touch my face, when i sweat in the bath i just pat it dry. But i've seen a real improvement, my skin looks healthy and glowy and i've had less inflamation. I can't really understand why leaving dirt on your ski
  7. Years ago I used this on my face for eczema, it hasnt left me damaged in anyway, just don't use it regular. There is also a 0.5%.
  8. I put a needle in a flame to kill germs and then prick the surface of the bastards. I also remove milla with a needle, before i discovered this i was stuck with the milla. I need stuff off my face, i cant stand the thought of an infection or things trapped under my skin.
  9. I took holland and barret skin hair and nails, my hair started falling out lol.
  10. check out my problem with supplements thread, i had the same problem. I don't trust them and wont take any now.
  11. Yes mine looks better when wet. Dewy with a nice glow in my cheeks.
  12. I actually seemed to have more spots on birth control.
  13. Oh of course. I think the skin can't heal properly if it's been messed with all the time.
  14. Most girls masturbate even if they say they don't. I love it. Big wow.
  15. Dude don't use 100% that is way to strong it will burn you.