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  1. I'm 29, and been told the same thing, that i would more than likely have acne on and off till the end!! But i don't believe that. No-one knows enough about acne to even cure it, so how can they say how long it will last in each person. I'm just waiting for the day i wake up and its packed its bags and moved on!
  2. frances... The reason alot of negative information about SLS ingrediants comes from skincare companies, is they are simply offering an alternative, and to offer that, its important to show you why they are against SLS. Remember, SLS is a harsh detergent, its also very cheap, so it keeps the cost to produce down, and the profit up. The next step up is plant or botanical surfactants, but they are quite expensive, so, only some skincare cleansers go the distance and add these higher quality surfac
  3. Why derms say Cetaphil is good, i don't know, its definitely isn't any better than any other cleanser out there. As far as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate goes, 1% or not, its in there, so why a sensitive skin cleanser would even think off adding this "known" skin irritant to their product, id love to know. Here's some info on ingredients!! The following quote is from academic cosmetic chemist, Denis Rebut, and is taken from Cosmetics and Toiletries journal, Vol 104, April 1994. "A lot of chemicals
  4. lisadzvon--on your comment about not making generalized statements! You didn't do much research on accutane if you think those side effects are generalized!! Hopefully your second post will be more intelligent.
  5. Guardedlyoptimistic, First of all, you can get a referral from your gp to go see a Endocrinologist. You don't need your Derms permission. If your having trouble or think your having trouble with your liver, or don't like what the oral antibiotics may be doing, then Accutane is not for you. Its very powerful, and has been known to cause liver and internal problems, regardless of what others on this board may say! These are some websites that may interest you before making a decision, also, it
  6. I hate when you buy a purifying product to "help" your skin, then it gets worse. Then its even worse when the company who makes it says "it'll get worse before it gets better" That doesn't even make sense, at worst an acne med should not make any difference, then get better, this getting bad before it gets better is crap. If you use a product, and your skin gets worse, thats a sign from your skin telling you its not good for you.
  7. Go by how you feel!! I can't use bp on my skin in lotion/cream form at all. My face goes red and irratated fast. But i could use this. SO i don't know. But scrubing your face with walnut shell based products (bp added or not) will irratate your skin!
  8. I'm in Australia, so its not as easy for me to get, but i did use it about 6 months ago, and i can honestly say it was great, i always used the soap first, then dab on the bp(it only takes 30sec for bp to kill bacteria) then rinse (DO NOT scrub) you don't need to. Then rinse with the soap to finish! Thats it. Once a day. If you have tough skin, twice a day may be fine, but don't scrub!!!
  9. The soap is great, but don't scrub with the bp wash, just dab it on with a cotton ball, what 30sec, then rinse, it makes all the difference in the world!
  10. I have a bottle of 99.999% pure colloidal silver/gold combined, (50/50 ratio) in deionised water with no salt or additives added. Its 10ppm. I'll try it out on my shoulders where's there's some mild spots to see if there's any improvement. Its supposed to work in a few days, so ill re-post. That way i don't cause any trouble on my face, if it doesn't work!
  11. Thanks, i did a search on CS, and find that the sites that sell it, say its safe, but the fda etc, don't give it such a good review. So its buyer beware!!
  12. I wonder if this staining is only caussed when taking C S internally where it can build in the tissues, or if that includes external use also. From what i've read, its a cure or a fraud depending on where you read about it! Not a surprise when it comes to acne meds
  13. If you have red, irratated skin already, accutane would only make it worse! As a matter of fact, there some of the side effects
  14. Hey jimmyh Now its under control, mild to non-existant. But left untreated, id say mod to severe. Even if it doesn't work well for you, it won't harm your skin. But feel free to use the A'kin purify gel if you'd prefer, instead of the Cream cleanser and toner in 1, i just tried it myself again, and love it to, so you decide on that one. I can't say enough good things about that range! As a matter of fact, you can chop and change the routine and products as you please, they all seem to work wel
  15. People who say bp doesn't work, do seem to get put down alot on this site. But the fact is since dan made his own bp gel, i have considered him a businessman, he's here to sell bp, and make money from it. And answering emails is exactly what other companies do, so thats nothing special. When i first started as a member on acne.org 18 months ago, dan would answer alot of questions on the board, now he has a bp gel to sell , you hardly see his posts here at all. To busy counting the cash.