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  1. Well I don't know if there's a diet you can follow, but I have read that doing an oil cleanse can be very effective for removing blackheads. I use it myself, it seems to work but hard to say in my case since I don't have a big problem like that. If you're not already aware of it the procedure is as follows: Make up a mixture of castor oil and olive oil, the ratio can be 1:1, but this depends on your skin, oily skin can use more castor oil, dry use more olive oil. - Massage face, especially pr
  2. I have hormonal acne, which has been greatly improved through daily consumption of peppermint tea. I'm not sure but I think I may be developing a "tolerance" to the tea now (could be other factors though, I been trying other stuff, my skin's a little worse, but not terrible) I've also done some research and found out that licorice has similar anti-androgenic properties, and wondering if anybody has anything to report on it's effectiveness for acne?
  3. Hi, I was also clear on the pill and decided to come off it and try something else. I thought since my acne seemed to be hormonal I would also try progesterone, but it didn't work for me at all - in fact I think it may have made it a bit worse. However, I tried peppermint tea, which boosts your estrogen, and this has definitely helped quite a bit, I would say I got to about 70% clear on 1 to 2 cups (average 1.5) a day. However, it does have some other side effects. I didn't used to get PMS or p
  4. I know I'm a girl, but have a suggestion - try drinking peppermint tea for a few days after sex? Peppermint tea is known to increase estrogen and also decrease the unbound ie biologically active portion of testosterone. I've been drinking 1 to 2 cups a day (okay I'm very small, normal people probably 2+ cups daily) and I can tell you from personal experience that this is strong stuff, I'm having to sometimes reduce my intake because of the new premenstrual side effects I'm getting. I initially
  5. That was the one thing that frustrated me about this site, it seems the only thing approaching a "cure zone" here was the regimen links, and for me that's a bit useless because 1. I can't get these products easily or cheaply in SA 2. Because I want a natural treatment. Otherwise might as well go back on the pill. Maybe if enough people ask for an "alternative" success stories page they'll consider building one in....? I certainly would have posted there, I think a lot of people naturally want to
  6. You should get that checked out. A friend of mine has what you're describing and has since discovered she has an ovarian cyst. She doesn't have acne though, just very oily skin, and although I don't think it's particularly noticeable she thinks she has signs of hirsutism. She is also drinking peppermint tea to reduce free testosterone levels.
  7. Ah, was wondering how others managed to get links into their posts - so it's just me then
  8. Sorry, I'm new - and just noticed this site seems to remove links from your posts. Just google "spearmint hirsute" or "insulin igf-1 acne"
  9. Hi, I should comment that I didn't here and there add a few foods / remove foods just to see what happened. It would have taken me a great deal more than the past year to clear my skin if I'd just tried the random approach. The above dietary changes were based on loads of research (thank goodness I'm my own boss, otherwise I'd be fired!), some guesswork and some trial and error, with a rather a lot of doubt that any of it would work, because in the absence of perscription drugs my acne was total
  10. I've been doing some research into the insulin-acne connection, and saw a post by someone that Niacin cleared their acne. I went online to find out what it was, and immediately made the connection with Chromium - one of the best glucose metabolism enhancers (chromium polynicotinate) is a Niacin-bound form of Chromium. So I'm guessing that's the missing ingredient.
  11. Hi, seems my previous post went into the wrong section d'uh - so this is my second post, I haven't been a contributing member, but I thought since I've obtained a lot of helpful information over the past year on this board I should share my results which might help other sufferers. I have had acne for 20 years, ever since puberty. My acne is fairly mild, but chronic ie. I don't have "off" weeks or "breakouts" - just a continuous stream of stubborn pimples, which over time leaves an accumulation