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  1. thanks very much for the info guys i think il give it another month or so ( or maybe til the end of summer) and try another course if i need to
  2. how long, if at all, do you need to wait after finishing a first course of accutane before you can start a second course?
  3. can you guys please look at the update i just did on my old post called lil help im really really desperate kind regards all
  4. ****UPDATE, AND A FEW QUESTIONS I CCOULD DO WITH SOME ADVICE ON PLEASE ****** Well this is an update regarding the question below I placed up on the board about 7 weeks ago. I continued on with my accutane treatment for the final month but my face was still breaking out and looking bad so after a quick phone call I had a meeting with my derm. When I arrived at his office he didnt seem to happy to see me and I was made to feel that I was a pain in the butt. He asked me how I felt about my face
  5. Im on a large dose of doxycycline just now so I burn really easy in the sun so I need to either wear a hoddie or put sunblock on when going out in the sun can anyone reccomend a sunblock that doesnt make acne worse ??? when I put my current brand on it makes my red marks more prominent and can make me look red and blotchy for a few days after i have had it on thanks Leo