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  1. it really is. I'll have to dig out pics of what I looked like November 2016 so people can see the change in full. There are some really old acne pics of me in my gallery though if anyone is curious.
  2. Still going good 4 months later. I have occasional "cheats" but on the whole I am sticking to it and although my skin isn't "perfect" it is staying so so so so much clearer than it used to be. I won't ever go back. Oh and I've lost over 4 kg now and I am doing NO EXTRA PHYSICAL ACTIVITY WHATSOEVER. I probably should do more physical activity but still this is amazing. My body fat has dropped from over 32% to around 27% as well. X x x
  3. OK so the hen do spots are nearly gone so yay!! Also I thought I would update you in general with some photos. Breakfast today: That's proper (tesco value) porridge oats with dessicated coconut, vegan yogurt, pecans, almond flakes topped with strawberry and banana... yum! My back is clearing still: But honestly it is looking much better. I have freckles too which makes 2d photos a challenge. I have zero cystic acne on my back though which is a huge relief. None of the few little p
  4. Yep I'm paying for the hen do weekend of eating processed, carbs, alcohol and chocolate foods. My cheeky spot has a temple friend but I'm back on the wagon with poached eggs and veggis for breakfast That was tastey!! (V proud of my first attempt at traditional poaching) I am hopeful that I'll be back on track with my skin soon now that I have seen how well low and no added sugar eating can work.
  5. Went on a hen do this weekend. Involved alcohol, chocolate etc. Today I had a spot start to emerge on my cheek and my skin is a bit oilier. Definately motivating me to carry on with quitting sugar. It's a bit of a naughty one isn't it!
  6. My BMI is now in the healthy weight range so that's nice My weight loss has plateaued now which is fine. My weight is healthy and losing weight was never the goal behind quitting sugar. My skin isn't perfect but it's looking fab and healthy. My back is clearer today and my skin has a glowy look to it. One neck spot but it's dying. Today's meals: Breakfast: banana and pecans Mid morning: decaff coffee Lunch: steamed mixed vegetables (courgette, leek, broccoli, carrot, parsnip) and h
  7. I'm going to have to have something sugary at a friends hen do this Friday (chose the menu before I changed my diet). I'm actually nervous :S Yesterday's food: Porridge with dessicated coconut, oatmilk, vegan yogurt, pecans, flaked almonds and fresh ginger and mint tea. Apple 2 clementines Brei Salmon sashimi, stir friend broccoli and squid, california roll (ate out... may have some sneaky sugar but I tried my best with my choices) Apple and elderflower tea Lamb shank, carrots, p
  8. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/367961-i-gave-up-sugar-and-my-skin-is-clearing-up/?do=findComment&comment=3557770 Cutting out sugar is working well for me. Here is a link to my way of doing it x x
  9. Thank you for sharing and you checking. It's also worth passing on to them that I can't see that feature at all. I assume that it's because I am on my phone so currently it seems that the feature would be totally unavailable (and invisible) to phone users at this point even if it was working. (Unless it is being tested as a feature and the programming team have given moderators access to features that haven't been released yet?). Anyway thanks again
  10. I think the mistake that I made before was to simply "reduce" sugar. For me that wasn't enough apparently. I have cut it out pretty much completely and this includes all added sugars as well (you'd be surprised how many foods have added sugar and how much). So it's more than just reducing how often I have cake or chocolate. My diet is pretty much 3/4 veg (including some starchy veg) and 1/4 protein (with healthy fats and calcium rich foods squeezed in). I allow myself 2 pieces of whole fruit (
  11. thanks x thats true but on most sites you get a block option so you can keep yourself relatively safe from abuse. It seems like a simple and sensible idea that is effective on most social online platforms.
  12. Hi there, I've been on here for a few years and generally found this to be a supportive and lovely place. I have been away for a while and returned and I've noticed that the tone here seems more hostile than before (not just acne.org ... I guess the whole Internet is more hostile now). I would really appreciate a block button that allows me to block an individual as this seems the simplest way to avoid the stress involved with dealing with people who bring irrelevant and needless judgement/ho
  13. DannyTsunami don't tell people what to eat. Im here to talk about acne. Good luck with your sugar quit attempt but don't post to me again. Note: the poster was telling me not to eat meat and to become vegetarian for ethical reasons.... This is not what my log is for.