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  1. It sounds like you know exactly what is and isn't good for your skin yourself. You just told us what's good for it: i.e. the no cosmetic route, and what isn't i.e. the cataphil. It's always important to trust your gut instinct, and trust that you know what's best for you. Your dermetologist doesn't live with your skin 24 hours a day each and every day of your life. You do. You feel tightness, irritation, burning, tenderness. You know that applying products, scrutinising infront of the mirror doe
  2. It's been a good while since i last blogged or wrote a message on acne.org. Looking back at my last blog, I was in quite a different place to where I am now. Do I still have pimples? yes. Do I still feel lonely? for the vast majority of the time no. am i more at one with my skin and diet? yes. Am I sure enough of myself to stand up for myself when I need to and do I recognise why I am not close and I don't have extensive conversations with a lot of people? yes. So, what have I learnt? things g
  3. Yeah, yesterday I was reading an article called 'Happiness isn't normal' as part of revision for my exams. It's about ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Theory) and talks about accepting negative thoughts and detaching the self from them. I've felt much happier since my 'moment'. Like you say, 'happens. Haha, I read trashy girly novels. My studies and other interests can be intense so my personal reading is switch-off unwind time. The one I just started is called 'The moment you were gone'.
  4. Hey you, My yoga teacher puts flax seed oil on her face all the time. She lives a very holistic life, eats avocado, flax oil etc for essential fats, and has used flax oil (stored in the fridge) on her face for years (she looks fantastic!!) Not sure about fish oil, but hope this helps. Also, here's a link, never tried this product as I wanted something even more simple and natural but here goes: http://www.highonhealth.org/the-best-moist...nfood%E2%84%A2/ and here's a link to the comedogeni
  5. Thanks for your reply. I do intense yoga classes and know that community some, i jog alot when the mood strikes. The way I see it, it's just a journey. Believe me, I am proactive about things, it's just sometimes my turn to feel like shit, I guess. Personable interaction is important to me, and I wish more people were responsive to my smiles and friendliness. I know that when I'm happy, I'm 110% behind my career decisions, so I know deep down that when I'm unhappy it's detatched from those de
  6. RANT ------------------------------->>>> These last couple of weeks I've been so busy making proper holistic meals and smnoothies from scratch I felt happy. But I realised I needed to make more time for revision for my final exams before I graduate. So today I layed off the kitchen stuff and studied. I realised I needed a pick-me-up by late afternoon so watched a film. It was a bit boring, couldn't sustain my attention, and I went into a panicy 'am I doing the right thing with my
  7. Some late changes (I'm always learning). Dropped the meds and potions. See blog for update.

  8. So I've tried the holistic way before. But in a haphazard DIY sort of way. This time, it's a way of life for me. I'm learning so much. I'm really reaching out of myself. Something specific that has really opened my eyes (no pun intended) is the 7am start with warm water and lemon, followed by nettle tea and a walk. No skin faffing, make-up, deciding what to wear, making my bed, messing out. I step out as I am in the hoodie and slouch trousers I've slept in, and I notice the sky, and the calm, a
  9. I've finally found a diet that (at least for the moment) I feel good about. I'm taking dianette and anti-biotics, after 6 months if no progress I will face the accutane decision. But for the moment the problem lies in skincare: I first tried the regimen 2/3 months ago, with prescribed bp, and simple, gentle wash and moisturiser. My skin burned and peeled from the bp, and the moisturiser made my face feel like it was crawling. I first lowered the ammount of bp. After 2 weeks or so I had to giv
  10. I had similar problems with burning from the bp (red, swollen, hot burning like my face was on fire) and the sensation of my skin crawling with grease from using a moisturiser ontop. I had to stop with the moisturiser and eventually the bp because it was unbearable. I later started to use just the bp again slowly, once daily with facewash and nothing else. I'm now able to use a moisturiser (thank God- seriously dry reptile skin) and I've found the bp makes my skin less red the longer I wait afte
  11. My acne is almost completely just on my face. But, I do have some small minor blackhead/pimples on my chest, really nothing other than imperfect pores. When I touch these alot or have a tiny pick i get a month of 1/2 bad spots there. I know this doesn't compare to a hudge sore throbbing cyst, but for me, this act as a showcase of what sharp fingernails and irritation do to skin. That thought of 'Oh, what harm can it do?' is now out of the window. I'm carefully assessing, and geting better at not
  12. Hey Lilly, I've just joined today too. I understand how acne can drain you (and there are only so many hours I can spend on the phone to my Mum cryning!) How about we keep an eye on each other, just to check up every now and again? :-)

  13. Hey, with your question about food allergy tests, I had one done from this chinese herbal place, and as fair as it was, obsessively restricting myself with diet made me feel worse. It became this big puzzle, mind-boggling. After years of trying all sorts of ways of eating, I really believe in all thinbgs in moderation, such as wheat (bread,pasta, wheat-cereal,pizza,cous-cous) only once a day, so h

  14. Hey! I saw a comment you made about how somebody said to you that there aren't many nice ppl around. I often have the thoughts " Where did all the nice ppl go? Why don't people smile more? Why aren't people more inviting?". Anthing other then being nice to one another never really made sense to me. And when you find other ppl who are this way, isn't it just great to pro