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  1. Acne My Lover, let's get one thing straight: it's just the beginning of all misery, if you don't take proper action, it will get a lot worse. I don't like Dan's Regimen at all, his BP gel is good for a single zit if it's not too deep under your skin, but for real underskin acne, it doesn't help in my experience (but maybe it does for you, who knows?). If you like, check out the 2nd link in my signature, that's the way I stay clean (I get one zit a week on average). Please learn from the mista
  2. ^ What she said. And if it doesn't help, exclude him from your life as soon as you can, when you're ready for it.
  3. No I wouldn't, it would make her unattractive in my opinion. Now you may think I'm superficial, but that's not the case; there has to be some physical attraction, since we're all partly animals after all. Not wanting to date someone with severe acne, is the same as not wanting to date someone who's very fat, or someone who's very small. For me, acne is fucking ugly, and until now, I've not been able to change that, unfortunately.
  4. I think it depends how deep your red marks are. If it's only the top layer of the skin, cause there recently was a pimple there, tanning won't be bad. If it's deeper, we're talking about pigmentation, and it's very bad to tan, will make it all much darker. As long as you don't screw around with your face (touching, picking), you will probably not develop this anyway.
  5. Exactly Red Sun, it's easy that way. Before squeezing a whitehead, make sure you've taken a hot shower/steamed your face, it will come out even easier. Apply some alcohol after popping. Don't ever touch pimples that ain't whiteheads!
  6. ive never heard that before maybe i will look it up.I also dont do strong peels as i said its like over the counter neutrogena ones ←
  7. Yea no doubt that it has influence.
  8. If it's pigmentation we're talking about here, dermabrasion is absolutely superb in my experience, unfortunately I don't know that much about it, so I can't tell you what type exactly. Anyway, the one time I had it, it removed the top layers of the skin with a little machine. It didn't hurt, it itched. The skin was open for some days though, took at least a week before it was healed. Result was amazing. After doing dermabrasion, get Recell Cell Stimulation Complex, it will speed up the healing
  9. Some forms of acne can be caused by an allergy to food, for example, I heard of a guy who had horrible acne, cause he was allergic to the stuff in his daily bread. It all vanished when he stopped eating the bread. Unfortunately people who read something like that go all crazy with their diets, thinking it's the key, while it's NOT for the average person. I believe it's mainly hormones that make the skin prone to acne.
  10. After you've done a whole bunch of chemical peelings (let's say 8-12), it's best to let the skin recover for a few months (3 or something), by not putting on any sort of peeling.
  11. Ok no problem Good to read it's not so bad. If the skin looks kinda red/thin, just wait with a peeling until it has healed.
  12. We need: - Scrubgel, I prefer Clearskin (Dr. van der Hoog) - Epsom Salt aka Magnesium Sulfate: http://www.naturalhealthsupply.com/products/epsom-salt.html - Water Do this twice a day, the 2nd time, leave out step 1, only scrub once a day. 1. Scrub your back/chest with the gel, use some water 2. Wash off with water 3. Leave the skin wet, apply the Epsom Salt all over 4. Let it dry! 5. Wash off with water Don't ever skip a day, you'll probably need to keep doing this for a long time. The good