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  1. Month 9 Post-Accutane Nine months! I just wanted to say hello to everyone, and catch you up on my after-Tane progress so far. Skin status: Just lovely. I get a few spots now and then (right now I have a little cluster at my hairline). But it's such cake compared to how it was before. For example, I haven't had any cysts since I stopped the medication...and I'm pretty sure I've been using the same bottle of concealer since then, too. I used to go through those bottles at an alarming pace,
  2. Thanks blueeyednycgal! Week 9 Post Accutane What do you know, it's been over two months since I finished my course. Despite having an incredibly stressful week of graduating, moving, starting a new job, and dealing with friends and relatives, my skin looks even better than it did while I was on Accutane, and for once in my life, it's acting completely stable and low-maintenance. I suppose the novelty of great skin should have worn off by now, but I'm still loving it. I love admiring my skin
  3. Week 7 Post-Accutane Sure enough, even those tiny dots aren't showing up anymore. My skin has totally settled into its new routine and so far, so good. Maybe I'll post more pics soon, since I have lots of graduation events this weekend, and I'll be happily showing off my new skin. Anyway, gosh, not much else to say. Just very, very pleased.
  4. Topical vitamin A, eespecially retinols such as those found in GreenCream takes care of both oil and dead skin (by way of extremely gentle exfoliation). And the best thing - none of the chaotic side effects of Accutane. It even has a stage system that slowly up the concentration so your skin is NEVER irritated and it slowly "breaks" into the product. Some start seeing results within 6 days!!! I have never used it though because my parents suck big time. Check out the site, you'll understand it a
  5. Huh, there are some interesting posts in this thread. I'm not sure about this... my acne wasn't really bad at all, so a doctor would have never presribed it for me.
  6. You're right...so many acne treatments are focused on the bacteria, which isn't really the problem at all. Interestingly, Accutane does get rid of excess dead skin. In addition to shrinking your oil glands, it makes your skin cells less "sticky" so they slough off easier and don't clog up your pores. Problem is, nobody knows HOW it does all that stuff. I wish the mechanism behind Accutane weren't such a mystery, because I'm sure there's a safer way to get the same effect.
  7. Well...you are taking medications. Just because they don't come with a prescription doesn't mean they aren't medications. I would definitely recommend finding a good dermatologist and explaining your frustrations to him/her. You might be surprised...you could have great results with the first prescription topical or pill you try. It sounds like you're being healthy and have all the other pieces put together; maybe a trip to the dermatologist will give you the last push you need.
  8. 10mg a day is a really good dose to start with. If all goes well, your doctor can raise the dose along the way, or keep you on the drug for awhile until your skin is perfect. Seeing your pictures, I think Accutane might be your best bet (I know the frustration of going through other treatments that don't work, and I wish I'd tried Accutane sooner). Good luck!
  9. Aw that sucks...I'm sorry that happened. For future reference, there's really no such thing as a "gentle wax." By definition, you're ripping out your hair by the roots. Just cross your fingers and hope it doesn't scar. There's not much else you can do at this point... But yeah, don't get any more waxes on Tane, or six months after. Stick to tweezing or threading. There's a reason they warn against waxing
  10. Well if Accutane got you clear before, the good news is that these breakouts will probably be way easier to deal with! A lot of people find that after Accutane, their acne is milder and their skin suddenly responds to topicals that never worked before. In fact, clogged pores and whiteheads are usually treatable with topicals. Your derm can point you in the right direction. And if they still don't work, then yeah, a second course is definitely an option.
  11. Good idea. Lots of people ask these questions, so it would be nice to have the answers all in one place. 1) Age, Accutane dose, and how long youve been on it: 21, 40mg/day, completed a 7-month course in April 09 2) Cleanser: Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser 3) Moisturizer: Jojoba Oil + Eucerin 4) Spot Treatment: None, maybe a dot of Tea Tree Oil or Neosporin if I just can't leave it alone 5) Redmark treatment: Sunscreen! (highly underrated redmark treatment) 6) Are you still breaking out: Nope.
  12. Yeah, I don't think sebum is directly related to moisture. Dryness is actually considered a "side effect," which means it's not actually a part of how the drug works, it's just something that happens on the side. It's kind of a misconception of Accutane I think, that sebum reduction and dryness are the same thing. Turns out, you can have one without the other. So really, you've just dodged a very common side effect. As long as Accutane does its job, one less side effect to worry about =
  13. Yep, pictures are a good idea. But it sounds like you've only scraped the surface of treatments that are available for acne. Unless your acne is debilitating and severe, keep looking before you try Accutane.
  14. I'm not sure that's true... Moisturizer is pretty helpful throughout the course, even if your skin isn't dry or peeling. Well-hydrated skin tends to heal better on Accutane, and it will feel softer and nicer too. After your treatment, you can continue to use moisturizer in moderation, if you want to. Your skin's oil production and moisture level are not necessarily related to each other.
  15. Yeah, your body sort of weans itself off Accutane when you discontinue treatment, since the drug stays in your system for awhile before it gradually goes away.