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  1. OP, am in the exact same position, i used to got out, socialise and all that jazz, now i sit and wait, while my derm keeps fobbing me off with antibiotics that don't work, such is life. In regards to your depression, I think the accutane may be making your depression even worse, so keep that in mind, and keep your chin up, you are taking a medicine that is known for its amazing results, at least sleep in the knowledge that you are doing something to change your situation.
  2. Can jojoba oil be used as a moisturizer on its own? i really am looking for alternative sweat Proof /waterproof moisturizer, that will kill flakes and wont go white after some rain, any comments or help would be greatly appreciated, i've been searching like crazy!
  3. I use cetaphil moisturizer normally, but it is not rain proof, it leaves visible white suds on my face, which is pretty embarrassing, so i was wondering if there are any other moisturizers that are good to acne and are waterproof. Thanks in advance for any replys!
  4. john45

    Day 2

    Say there ole chap, i bet if you lost the long hair, most of that forehead malarky and the dots around your hair line would go away, unless you have tried already i dont know! good luck anyways
  5. I hate goin the pharamacy to get Quinoderm ie BP, and the question that they always ask is "Have you used this before" It annoys me because i have been using it for 2 years. But, yer i totally get where you are coming from with the stares, the thing that annoys me most, is when you are talking to someone and your notice someone at the corner of your eye, staring at you, or when the person you are chatting with starts touching there face in a way to check as if they have the disease. and as for
  6. Same here, i am taking Oxytetracycline, i got acne when i was 16, now that am 20 the acne has died down and moved around the mouth area where i have mostly red spots and the odd cyst. i decided to go to the gp and he issued me the said antibiotic, he seemed relaxed about giving me the antibiotic ie he came across like he thought that the antibiotics would clear my face up, only time will tell i suppose.
  7. All the time, i sometimes hold it off till night time, so its dark and my face does not look so obvious. I am supposed to go to university to pick up my transfer form aswell, because i want too change year. i keep holding it off waiting for my face too clear up a bit more. if i leave it too late they probably wont accept me onto the year thus sending me back home. ill have to pluck up the courage sooner or later.
  8. I am taking 250mg tablets, 4 a day, so thats 2 in the morning and 2 at night. tbh am not expecting anything amazing. but i might aswell try something different than BP, which is the only thing i have taken to try and sort me face out. it worked in the beggining but now i just have spots. only time will tell i suppose!
  9. Went to the doctors and he prescribed me Oxytetracycline, told me to take 2 twice daily. So thats 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon for 2 months, he didnt explain what would happen or how they would work, When i asked, he just said "it will clear up my face", so am gonna go through the process to see what happens, I know with some antibiotics there is an initial breakout right? anyways i suppose its better than nothing. Any one had any experience with Oxytetracycline?
  10. Supposed to play drums for a band tommorow, its there end of year performance exam, and i messaged them before saying that am not going to play for them, and that they will have to do the gig by themselves. They rang me asking why i wont be turning up, i tried to explain that i have had panic attacks the last few weeks leading up to this performance and that i thought i had it under control. They said they would ring back tommorrow to see if i felt better. The truth was, my face had been gett
  11. john45


    Should i shave? my skin has red marks all over it, I was always thought that having a beard would be a good thing for someone with spots with covering up, anyways i dont know, any thoughts?
  12. Had acne from the age of 16, now 20, it is starting to die down. Experimenting with my diet and also stopped smoking, (due to most of spots and fun stuff being around my mouth \0/). I have faith that i will get clear, seems my /b/rothers have, so i suppose it's only a matter of time.....hopefully :3 "The spots do it for teh lulz"
  13. First night of university, had that feeling, chatting too a bunch of hipster's but they where just like "yer sure............". In the end I just thought "fuck it" smoked a fat 20. People dont want too associate themselve's with people who they deem to be "uncool" or "ugly" or whatever.
  14. Same here man, I got band practice tomoz, and a nice little red bump showing up on the side of ma lip. Just in time \0/