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  1. Hey hows it going guys? My names Joe. I 've been off accutane since January 2010, it is now April 2011. It's been well over a year and my skin has started acting up again. My skin is back to being oily and I'm beggining to breakout with cystic acne more frequently. My self-esteem is definitely getting affected by this. Should I go on a second round of accutane? before it gets worse and out of control? I would really appreciate your help and opinions guys! Thank you so much!
  2. thanks Joey T i've have the St. Ives Apricot Scrub in Gentle. I've used it twice. And I broke out the next day on both times I've used it. So i wouldn't recommend it. Screw St Ives lol thanks for the reply BrazilianJJ. much appreciated my friend
  3. heyy whats good guys? I've just finished a 6-month course of Accutane on Jan 18, 2010. So i've been off of it for exactly 2 weeks. My skin is acne free, not overly dry anymore and I just have red marks and a couple pitted scars. My question is when is it safe to exfoliate? Also I'm planning to use St. Ives Apricot Scrub Gentle. Do you guys have any suggestions on exfoliators that are gentle and not too harsh on the skin? Please let me know. id really appreciate it! Thank you so much in a
  4. I'm gaining both muscle and fat. The stretch marks are mostly in my upper biceps and its really pissing me off! I talked to my derm and she said to lay off the weights for a bit. But I was wondering how long it takes for the stretch marks to heal? cause 3 weeks ago they were bright red and now they're pinkish? I'm scared to even lift anything cause it might make the marks bigger you know? Then again, all my hard work would just go to waste. I guess you're right. maintenance wouldn't hurt. D
  5. hey whats good guys so here's my story: i've been on accutane for 6 months now and haven't had any major issues til about month 5. Since it's winter season, I've been bulking up hard and I've gained about 20 lbs in 2 months. I started getting stretch marks just on my upper arms. I got paranoid and stopped working out. My question is, how long does it take for stretch marks to heal? Is accutane the reason for this or is it the rapid weight gain? I've been depressed lately because I can't wor
  6. i usually just keep it as simple as possible. i dont add unnecessary chemicals to my face, i just apply moisturizer like mofo. Just let your skin heal itself. less is more bro
  7. eh bud if you ask me, the best thing you can do is to leave it alone. & moisturize that bump like a nazi. moisturized skin heals faster and better than dry skin. let me know how it goes. goodluck bro
  8. Actually I have. I've been feeling fatigued and slightly feverish. Do you think Im just getting sick or is it accutane and the dry winter air thats bothering my sinus and throat? Because as soon as I wake up, my nose, sinus glands and throat feels so dry and parched. like Im hung over and gone binge drinking the night before. Its hard to explain. But the pain is ridiculous. Do you think a humidifier would help at all?
  9. alright. I'll take the advice and drop the creatine for now. But what about a pre-workout nitric oxide formula? lol capt.obvious i hear ya bro! can't get enough!
  10. hey whats up guys? the roof my mouth hurts like a mofo in the morning. is this normal? it also hurts to swallow. its not my throat that hurts, its like the sinus glands or something. it also feels soo dry that even drinking water hurts like a bitch. you guys know any remedies for this? am i just getting sick? should i lower my dose? thanks for your help! (y)
  11. Thanks a lot bro! i thought I was overloading my liver with supplements and accutane! Thanks for clearing it up!
  12. hey what's good everyone? I workout after dinner which is when i take accutane. My question is should I be drinking a pre-workout nitric oxide formula an hour after taking accutane? After my workout, I also drink a post workout creatine drink. I also drink 3-4 glasses of mass gainer throughout the day. Is this bad for my liver? Am I lessening the effects of accutane? some advice would be good!! thanks boys
  13. insane progress bro! wha'd you use on your skin and how'd you use it? no joke man your skin looks perfect now! wtf did you do?! lol
  14. I recommend using eucerin original cream for dry to very dry skin at night. It usually comes in a big tub. In the morning use something with SPF like neutrogena SPF 15 for sensitive skin. It will make you look greasy so use the oil blotting sheets. & yes. skin renews and repairs itself much better when it's moisturized. It's good when a zit dries out but seriously moisture is the skins bestfriend. So when you take that away, the skin produces more oil to compensate thus more breakouts.
  15. I've used eucerin 5% urea and I doubt that it causes breakouts. Use it for 3 days see how it goes. My acne is mild to moderate and persistent. & yes definitely moisturize all the time. If you're worried about greasiness, buy oil blotting sheets. After you apply moisturizer in the morning, let it soak into the skin and then blot away the grease. Problem solved. you'll be well moisturized without being greasy looking. & you won't have dry flaking skin all day. I had the initial breakout
  16. I recommend cetaphil lotion in the morning and cetaphil cream at night. Eucerin is also a good choice. For SPF lotion in the morning, neutrogena SPF 15 or cetaphil will do. Quick tip, always & I mean always moisturize. Dry skin does not heal as fast and as well as moisturized skin. Moisturzing will be your bestfriend for the next 6 six months. Use it religiously! Slab a shitlload on your face before bed so you won't have flakiness in the morning. And NEVER exfoliate on accutane unless you
  17. hey what's good everyone? It's week 5 day 37 and my face is ridiculously desert dry! Fuckin el ñino dry. I've been using a shitload of cetaphil cream on top of the cetaphil lotion cause it's seriously that dry. I was on 40 mg the 1st month and Im now alternating 80 mg and 40 mg every other day. Hence the dryness. I was wondering if there is anything stronger than cetaphil cream? And also any suggestions for a good SPF moisturizer? big time thanks for the help! God bless you guys!
  18. hey what's good guys??! I'm now on day 21 and my IB is almost all gone except for this dime size cyst with a pussy head!!!! Should I pop it or not?? If I don't, it'll just get bigger and maybe leave scar but if do, it also will leave a scar!! So what's should I do?
  19. eh what's good brother

  20. The peeling usually is around my mouth and nose. It's so fuckin annoying! But I figured out how to kind of minimize it. In the evening, after showering and cleansing with cetaphil cleanser, I apply a shitload of cetaphil cream. In the morning, I cleanse with water for 10 seconds and apply cetaphil lotion or the one with spf. This works for me and it might work for you! Thanks for your help guys! Its good to know peeling skin was normal! And also if any guy needs tips for shaving while on tane,
  21. hey what's good guys?? My question is how come everytime I wash my face or get out of the shower, i see a layer of dead skin on my face. It looks like my face is shedding and peeling so I tend to slab on the cetaphil cream. Should I be removing the dead skin? If so, how? Also is this normal? Or is my skin effed up? Thank you for your help!!
  22. Hey everyone, i'm fairly new to this site and i'm just looking for advice and support for my future predicaments. my names joey, 18 years old with moderate acne. As of right now, I'm in the middle of the IB stage which started on day 9?, it is now day 12 so I hope this horrible cyst madness ends quickly. I have 4 cysts, 2 of which are on my chin and 2 on my jawline. My daily regimen is to cleanse with cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and moisturize with the nivea for men sensitive skin moisturize
  24. Thanks guys! You've lifted my spirits big time! And just to let u guys know, I actually went to school to school today or at least for half the day! Hung out with friends I havnt seen in like 3 weeks. I think this morning, I was being a bit overdramatic. I'm in a better state of mind. I was just so frustrated with my situation. But to be honest with u, my skin isn't that bad. I'm using proactiv and minocycline which has helped a lot. I'm just really mad about the red marks and brown spots. Becau