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  1. jllama


    I know that I have scars but can someone tell me what kind of scars I have, If they are easily treatable and what treatments? thanks.
  2. You are SOOOOO cute!!

    1. jllama

      My Acne

      I just started the regimen, I am a bit skeptical because I have used BP on and off so i think my skin has adapted to it too much so that it wont work.
    2. Hey man i kind of know what you are talking about. Im 17 and one time at school one of my friends asked me what was on my face, I know he didnt mean it in a mean way but i was still pretty sad about it. When you say you have scars are they the same thing I have? also have you tried fraxel treatment i know it expensive but i heard its supposed to work well.