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  1. Hey, everyone.. i've followed this thread for awhile but this is my first time posting.. it seems liker y'all on the thread know more than any dermatologists i've ever spoken to.. anyway here's my problem.. i was on 40 mg 2x daily for 6 months and 1 month prior of 10 mg 2x a day.. i'm currently 5 months post tane.. after my course was done, i as well got the intense flushing, where i'd always be flushed unless i was sitting in front of a fan.. but the flushing has greatly decreased, almost com
  2. thanks, i apperciate it.. i just want it to go away, but yea its alot better than acne
  3. Word of caution: jmiri is one of nvapro's religious christian "buddies" who team up on acne.org to "crusade against Accutane" in the name of "g o d" by literally making things up about their experiences with the drug. I pretended to be interested in joining what nvapro literally calls "his army against accutane" and they told me to post making things up to scare people away from it. Bottom line: Talk to your doctor dude. Stay hydrated and ask him what he can do for you about the flushing. He
  4. thanks for the reply but my flushing might be stronger than that.. cuz ill wake up and not be flushed, walk to class and while im sitting in a stuffy classroom (while drinking an ice cold bottle of water), ill feel my face getting really hot and the next tim i look in the mirror ill be very flushed like i was expecting no way ?! and it hasnt gotten any better?
  5. I've been off accutane for a month now, and the flushing i experience is worese than ever. id say the flushing started in the last 2 months or so of my treatment. now the only time am i not very flushed is when i wake up in the morning (because i sleep with a fan blowing on my face), then once i start my day i very quickly become flushed. my face gets very hot and very red. i feel like theres nothing i can do about because im always flushed and i honestly dont recall this happening earlier in